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Zeppelin: Heads in the sky, feet firmly on the ground

Zeppelin: Heads in the sky,  feet firmly on the ground

The Zeppelin Group has its roots in a world-famous pioneering feat of engineering: the conquest of the skies by the legendary airships of Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin more than 100 years ago. This pioneering spirit and the firm conviction that we can always achieve technologically first-class results are ingrained in the genes of the Zeppelin Group to this day. Excellent foundations for a ground-breaking influence on the forthcoming industrial challenges in the area of digitalisation: with innovative technologies on the one hand, and with the reliability of a leading international Group on the other hand.

Zeppelin Group

The Zeppelin Group, which is active in 190 locations worldwide and has more than 8000 employees, generated an annual turnover of 2.5 billion euros. The Zeppelin Group organises its group-wide collaboration in a management holding company and six strategic business units: Construction Equipment EU (sales and servicing of construction equipment), Construction Equipment CIS (sales and servicing of construction and agricultural equipment), Rental (rental and project solutions for construction and industry), Power Systems (drive, propulsion, traction and energy systems), Plant Engineering (development and production of plants, components and systems) and Z Lab (new digital business models). Zeppelin GmbH is the Group’s holding company with its registered office in Friedrichshafen and its headquarters in Garching near Munich.

Leading in plant engineering

The business unit Plant Engineering in the Zeppelin Group specialises in the engineering and construction of plants for handling high-quality bulk materials. The company, which is represented by subsidiaries throughout the world, is perceived as an “architect of complex system solutions.” Zeppelin produces the key components for storing, conveying, mixing, dosing and weighing high-quality bulk materials itself – the engineering for the complete plants is developed within the Zeppelin network with state-of-the-art engineering tools. Zeppelin plays a leading role in the plastics production and processing industries, as well as the rubber and tyre industry and the food industry.

Zeppelin masters and manages all the processes and procedures in complex systems for the rubber and tyre industry

Mixing room experts

In the tyre and rubber industry, Zeppelin has primarily made a name for itself with its innovative technologies for mixing. Plants with the quality attribute “made by Zeppelin” provide first-class product quality at all the important global and local players in the industry and ensure a reliable plant operation. The company also relies on constant optimisations of the procedures applied and the machines used. With innovations such as the new liquid dosing system LDS for an exact and reliable injection of liquids with a low or high viscosity into the mixer or a newly developed, fully automatic small component system for the direct, extremely precise dosing of small components into the bag, Zeppelin is driving the industry forward.

Automation and digitalization: MIRA

It goes without saying that Zeppelin, as a company which masters all the processes and procedures in complex systems, is also a trendsetter when it comes to automation. For digitalisation is the next milestone on the road to a perfect plant – perhaps there will even be a plant which works completely autonomously in the future, constantly optimising itself. Zeppelin, together with the joint venture partner Smart Controls, has created the basis for this with the automation concept MIRA. The concept paves the way for an easy, safe introduction to digitalisation for the industry and ensures long-term planning reliability due to its open and streamlined architecture.

The advantages of MIRA at a glance:

Open platform with standardised modules which map out all the processes in the plant

Uniform “language” in the documentation and recording, using standardized modules

Basis for the “artificial intelligence” for plant operation

Independence from the plant provider

Freely configurable

Streamlined architecture

Lower costs

Fast and safe introduction to digitalisation of plant operation

Location-independent analysis and optimisation of plant performance at any time due to remote access to all relevant dates

Boost of digitalisation

With MIRA, Zeppelin is presenting a concept which will change the world of plant engineering. With the expertise of the plant engineers (Zeppelin has produced more than 500 plants throughout the world) and the know-how of the software developers of Smart Controls, it has already been possible to win a number of companies in Europe and India for the new concept. The field trials have been completed – the concept MIRA delivers what it promises.


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