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Goodyear displays ‘Eagle-360’ for autonomous cars at Auto Expo 2018

Goodyear displays ‘Eagle-360’ for autonomous cars at Auto Expo 2018

Goodyear has showcased its innovative concept tyre ‘Eagle-360’ for autonomous cars celebrating its 120 years of innovation at Auto Expo 2018. The spherical-shaped Eagle-360 was designed with key features of maneuverability, connectivity and biomimicry for autonomous mobility, the company said.

“We are committed to bringing in new products which are technologically advanced, future smart, and reliable. Be it the first tyre to land on the moon or introduce the first tubeless tyres in India, Goodyear has always been at the forefront of technology and tested itself to the limits for designing and manufacturing ground-breaking and high performing products,” said PK Walia, Vice President – Consumer Business, Goodyear India.

Features of Eagle-360

Maneuverability-The multi-orientation of the spherical-shaped tyre allows the car to move in all directions as well as coping with space limitations such as tight parking lots or city streets.

Connectivity-Embedded sensors further increase safety by communicating road and weather conditions to the vehicle control system and other nearby cars, while tread and tyre pressure monitoring technology regulate even wear of the 360-degree tyre to extend mileage.

Connected via magnetic levitation-The tyres would rely on a magnetic levitation system to suspend the car resulting in a smooth, quiet ride for the passenger.

Biomimicry-The 3D printed tread mimics the pattern of brain coral and behaves like a natural sponge – designed to stiffen in dry conditions and soften when wet.

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