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Bridgestone begins Sustainable Procurement Policy globally

Bridgestone begins Sustainable Procurement Policy globally

In order to evaluate qualified suppliers, Bridgestone Corporation has announced a new Global Sustainable Procurement Policy. The company wants to promote best practices and serve as a communication and improvement tool for the industry. The policy wants to take action to realize long-term environmental, social and economic benefits.

“Our new policy is a critical step in realizing the Bridgestone Group’s global corporate social responsibility commitment, ‘Our Way to Serve’ which provides a framework for how we do business, develop products and interact with customers and communities. We recognize our ability and responsibility to drive change and improvements in the ways that industry interacts with the environment and communities around the world,” said Masaaki Tsuya, CEO and Representative Executive Officer, Bridgestone Corporation.

The new policy aligns with Bridgestone’s goal of using 100% sustainable materials in its products as the long-term vision by 2050 and beyond. It combines previous company guidelines into a single document that sets minimum requirements to conduct business with Bridgestone, as well as preferred practices that can contribute to the faster realization of sustainable supply chains.

“Over the next 18 months, Bridgestone will work with its suppliers and partners to ensure that they have received the policy and understand it. Bridgestone is currently developing an additional supplier assessment for the traceability of natural rubber and will be working to partner with the industry and other qualified experts to help support ongoing monitoring of supplier compliance,” the company said.

Bridgestone will be working with external stakeholders, including universities, industry associations and NGOs, to continually review feedback which will be valuable for subsequent enhancements and revisions to the policy.

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