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CEAT launches ‘Drive Safe Dad’ campaign

Tyremaker CEAT will run ‘Drive Safe Dad’ social media campaign to create awareness about road safety as part of the road safety week from January 11 to 17, 2018. Under the campaign, Dads receive a personalised bobble head (handcrafted to resemble their kid), which is connected to the odometer of the vehicle. On over speeding, the device plays the recorded personalised message from their sons or daughters asking them to slow down. CEAT has launched the Bobble head on as well.

“The campaign taps into the love and bond shared between a father and his child, encouraging parents to be more responsible on the road and follow the rules, more diligently. The crux of this concept comes from the fact that parents tend to take road safety more seriously when they hear it directly from their kids. CEAT aims to strive for a safer 2018 by making the Bobblehead available on and accessible to all the parent drivers, making them emotionally conscious about over speeding,” said Nitish Bajaj, Vice President-Marketing, CEAT Ltd.

CEAT hopes that compared to speed limiters the emotional quotient is higher and more effective which will help to reduce road accidents in India. Over-speeding of vehicles had taken more than 73,896 lives in 2016 in India.


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