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ARLANXEO launches semi-crystalline EPDM grade

The global leader in performance elastomers ARLANXEO has launched a semi-crystalline EPDM grade with high Mooney viscosity for the Automotive industry. The new grade- Keltan 13561C DE- is the first Keltan grade with five digits from ARLANXEO with high product viscosity of 130 Mooney Unit (MU). The company claims that it delivers good mixing and fast extrusion behaviour with high elasticity and collapse resistance in high filled compounds, supporting the reduction of overall compound volume costs. The new Keltan grade was launched in China and South America and product samples from commercial plant production are now available worldwide. It is being manufactured at ARLANXEO’s EPDM plant in Changhzou, China, using Keltan ACE polymerisation technology.

When replacing existing EPDM polymers, Keltan 13561C DE can improve the mechanical properties of EPDM compounds with the same compound loading, the company said.

“Here we have a polymer Mooney of 150 MU and are adding only 15 parts of extender oil to the product, resulting in a product viscosity of 130 MU. The result is a 5-digit code and a unique grade,” says Gosé van Zandvoort, Technical Manager at the ARLANXEO Business Line Keltan.

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