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Marangoni is a happy place to work in Italy: survey

Marangoni is a happy place to work in Italy: survey

A survey carried out by the German company Statista, a leader in statistical surveys, has found out that Marangoni is among Italian companies where employees are happy to work. Statista has worked on a total sample of over 15,000 workers from 1,900 Italian companies with over 250 employees. A final list of 400 was published based on higher points than average and Marangoni was ranked 13 in the Automotive and vehicle construction sector. First in the sector were Ferrari and Lamborghini.

For the survey, employees were asked a dozen questions regarding their work conditions, satisfaction, and their work relationship with their direct managers and asked to vote accordingly. The findings were published in the national weekly magazine Panorama.

“The survey was carried out by interviewing workers directly, who could express themselves freely, and anonymously. It accurately confirms what we perceive on a daily basis in interpersonal relations with our employees. For us, all this represents extraordinary encouragement to pursue the path we have already undertaken, to always do better in the management of an even better quality of the work environment, internal and external human relations and teamwork,” said Dino Maggioni, Marangoni Group CEO.

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