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HF launches flexible tyre building machine PLT2-SD- Flex

HF launches flexible tyre building machine PLT2-SD- Flex

HF has developed a new tyre building machine-PLT2-SD- Flex- with flexible drum concept in order to ensure the diversified production of highly complex and innovative tyres. The company claims that the new machine would give tyre manufacturers an edge in the increasingly competitive tyre market. With a small tool change, companies can build all tyre constructions currently available in the market – in flat or high crown building process – on one basic machine, HF said in a statement.

“Tire constructions, especially in the layer area, can be built ranging from a C-envelope to ply- down tyres. Hence the new machine offers decisive advantages in the sidewall area which is the most critical part of the tyre’s performance. The positioning of the sidewalls over 220 mm width (especially for SUV tyres) or the installation of special reinforcement strips to achieve run on flat tyre properties will no longer limit the construction process. Tyre sizes that previously required the so-called two-stage process can be produced directly on HF’s PLT2-SD- Flex,” the company said.

Tyre Labeling, which is mandatory in the EU and South Korea, and the necessary requirement to sign OE tyre sizes visually on the sidewall are the two latest challenges in the tyre industry. It is also expected that stricter norms would be in place in the US, China, Brazil and Japan as a result of the pending launch of Tyre Labeling in the coming years.

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