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The art of the uniformity measurement

The art of the uniformity measurement

The uniformity of a tyre gives an instant insight into its safety, quality and energy consumption. The usage of high-tech equipment, such as tyre uniformity machines in the tyre production is becoming more and more evident. Nothing should be left to chance when it comes to security. inmess, as one of the global leaders in manufacturing tyre uniformity machines for complete wheel assemblies, continues its firm steps along the way to achieve the same success in the field of tyre measurement machine.

inmess has already made a name for itself in the nineties. Laboratory testing machines, like bead contact pressure measuring machines, rolling resistance machine and endurance testers for passenger cars or truck tyres were supplied to most known OEMs and Testing Laboratories. In 2003, inmess supplied the first Uniformity machine for complete wheels to Volkswagen. Further machines in combination with the unique inmess Beat Seat Optimizer followed to leading OEMs.

Uniformity measurements are done by many companies. Doing uniformity measurements in Productions line is a much more difficult subject regarding compactness, robustness, cycle time and reliability. Due to the many systems inmess has installed within the last years, the uniformity machines of inmess meets this requirement with outstanding performance. In 2015, inmess launched its first Uniformity Measurement Machine for tyres as a logical consequence of the great success in the complete wheel sector.

Most of the machine parts are designed and developed by the inmess engineering team. The choice of the right manufacturer requires a deep knowledge in the manufacturing process of such mechanical parts. Not all suppliers are able to guarantee the manufacture of components with a precision in micrometer range. An extensive and costly quality assurance before assembling the parts is of course essential to the desired performance of the uniformity measurement.

Meanwhile, inmess develops intense relationships with word leading sensor manufactures. It is a cooperation that is based on the continuous improvement and enhancement of the measurement accuracy of the machine. The permanent test of the latest sensors belongs to the day-to-day activities by inmess. This is the only way to achieve a measured accuracy at a high quality level.

A user-friendly software is an essential component of an inmess uniformity machine – graphics and diagrams give an immediate insight into the quality of the uniformity of a measured tyre. The constant development and further development of new and existing measuring techniques enable inmess to become a valuable partner to a wide variety of customers in the automotive sector. The detection of bumps and dents in the tyre as well as the determination of geometrical properties are standard applications in the inmess tyre-uniformity-software. Through the close cooperation with a variety of partners and manufacturers, inmess recognizes that every user has its own requirements and suggestions as how the interpretation of the measurement has to be evaluated. Therefore the software is structured modularly so that every customer request can be followed up and will be easily implemented. A good database-management system to retrace old measurements results is very important for the analysis of the quality development for a defined period. Each information could thereby be important to undertake the right countermeasures.

As inmess has high interest in further development and in increasing its product portfolio, the brand new high speed uniformity measurement machine will be launched within the market by the end of 2017. It also applies here that all the knowledge which has been gained through the previous new developments helps inmess to achieve another success. Thereby inmess will cover 4 types of uniformity measurements machines: Tyre Uniformity Machine Laboratory, Uniformity Machine for complete wheel, Uniformity for tyres and the High speed uniformity machine.


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