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Polyurethanes made by LANXESS power Inline Skate wheels

Polyurethanes made by LANXESS power Inline Skate wheels

LANXESS produces polyurethanes under the brand names Adiprene and Vibrathane. Now almost all inline skate wheels are made from polyurethane. It is a plastic that is pretty hard and can be used to replace rubber or even metal.

“Our family of castable specialist elastomers offers skaters a particularly comfortable ride and good grip. The wheels are very abrasion-resistant and exhibit low rolling resistance and low heat buildup. This gives them an especially long service life. The material is therefore extremely versatile and meets consumer demand for innovative, comfortable and attractive skate wheels,” says Michael Timm, head of Marketing and Development.

“The elastomers for inline skates are produced in a variety of hardness grades and wheel sizes. The larger the wheel, the faster you can go, so speed skaters use really big wheels. The tricks in inline skating, on the other hand, require small wheels, as these are much more manoeuvrable, sturdier and easier to control. In addition to the size of the wheels, the hardness of the plastic is also vital. The harder the wheels, the faster they are and the longer it takes for them to wear down. Soft wheels, on the other hand, are much slower, but easier for beginners to control,” said LANXESS in a statement.

To meet the various technical requirements, LANXESS offers the wheel producers the chance to jointly develop and customise suitable elastomer formulations in the technical service centre. This ensures that inline skaters always have the correct material to meet their requirements.

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