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Yokohama develops Informatics-based Design for Tyres

Yokohama develops Informatics-based Design for Tyres

The Yokohama Rubber Company has developed a new tyre design technology that applies informatics to the development of rubber materials used in tyres and to tyre shape design. The new technology’s key feature is its use of AI (machine learning) to conduct information and knowledge searches, which is expected to greatly increase the speed and precision of the development new high-performance tyres.

Yokohama Rubber has aggressively applied simulation technologies to its development of rubber materials and tire shape design. The new technology is an advanced version of these previous technologies. The new technology uses AI (machine learning) to conduct information and knowledge searches previously performed by technicians. In addition to shortening the time required to run such searches, the use of AI leads to a more objective and quantitative analysis of the factors that will contribute to a tyre design with a balanced array of performance attributes suitable for various product categories.

Yokohama Rubber uses the new technology during the rubber material design stage (materials informatics) to determine the optimal range of values for the size of the compound filler and the thickness of the bound rubber layer formed on the filler surface. Similarly, the technology contributes to the design of tyre shapes by generating the optimal size for the radius of the curvature of the tyre’s cross-section.

The new technology also makes it possible to acquire data from a vast design space that far exceeds the scope of previous studies. This will enable Yokohama Rubber researchers to obtain new design factors that lead to new breakthroughs. They also will be able to analyse the mechanisms important to each design factor, which will help them come up with new development approaches based on those mechanisms.

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