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Salvadori thinks bigger

Salvadori thinks bigger

Salvadori Srl has been in the Tyre Retreading Business for over 30 years, diversifying his offer and witnessing the market ups and downs. For instance, in the recent years, the Tyre Retreading Industry has been suffering a great crisis and sadly shrinking down. Even if the company is still positively looking at it and believes in its recovery, the question was: “What should we do to keep growing? And how to react to a more and more competitive marketplace with a non-indifferent number of players?” Salvadori’s answer has been: “think bigger.” Meaning: focusing on a market segment that has a lot of potential: OTR Tyre Service and Retreading.
The choice was driven by two main factors: Salvadori differentiation strategy and on-field researches. Since a couple of years, Salvadori has been focusing also on the Mining Industry, specifically on the Conveyor Belt Repairs and developing its line of Splicing Tools. While getting closer to the mining environment, the realisation was how huge the demand for these products is and the enormous number of OTR Tyres in the world.
Furthermore, already many Retreading Companies had switched or added OTR Tyres Retread to their process. Hence, Salvadori decision to promote precise tools for this market, which are somehow different or have slightly different specification from the one usually used in Tyre Retreading. Salvadori is now studying what article could be an addition to its product line.

Specific tools

The company is already offering specific tools that can be used on these gigantic tyres, such as: customized OTR Envelopes, its best-seller Extruder Gun, which has a dedicated model for OTR Tyres, new and more resistant E.M. Gouge, an Engraving Knife etc.
From an ethical point of view, Retreading OTR tyres is a conscious choice that will help companies save money and help the environment by delaying the time when this giant tyres will have to be disposed (but don’t be scared, Salvadori has a solution for that as well!)
Furthermore, Mines operations need assistance when it comes to tyres and Wheels Service. Monitoring the tyre status with the right instruments, like TPMS (which Salvadori is now offering) and intervening promptly with the best tools, like the Bead Breaker, can extend the fleet life.

Salvadori Bead Breakers

From several years now, Salvadori has launched its Bead Breakers line, with 9 variants for different tyre types, tyre sizes and rim pieces. With a high-quality made in Italy product, thought to be simple to use and light to handle, the company has addressed the world-wide demand, and it is looking for new opportunities. One of the strength of Salvadori is the possibility to offer customised solution to its customers and fulfilled their different requests. Being the after-sale service in the center of the Company vision and mission, Salvadori offers an after-sale repair service and the complete range of spare parts, listed in the catalogue schematic. Furthermore, on its YouTube channel, people can watch tutorial videos showing the Bead Breakers main functions.
Most of Salvadori’s Bead Breakers can be used on Agricultural and Earth Moving Tyres, facilitating the on-site service, where operators are at a Mining site and need a portable tool which is also versatile.

What the future holds

For the second half of the year, the Italian company has already a full schedule that will see its sales team engaged in different trade shows: from Indonesia to Dubai, and from Florida to France. Salvadori is already thinking about what to do next and 2018 not to be missed appointments.
With reference to its increasing attention to the Mining Industry, the plans are to take part to more Mining Shows, while keeping on exhibiting at the main Retreading ones. Salvadori will be at The Tire Cologne, in May 2018, and probably in South Africa. But these are just some hints.

Salvadori won’t stop innovating and granting the quality service that has distinguished it from the competitors. The key is communication, technical knowledge and a trained staff, with a total of ten different languages spoken. Those are also the reasons why the company is well-known internationally and its brand is synonym of quality and

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