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KONSTRUKTA’s Strip Winding System

KONSTRUKTA’s Strip Winding System

By Mario Kapralik:

Increasing demands of tyre manufacturers looking for efficiency and predictable maintenance have to be followed by continuous improvement of manufacturing machinery. Quick installation and startup are expected as must. This being kept in mind results in design of new, more complex and automated production lines.
KONŠTRUKTA – TireTech is a long-time tyre industry machinery supplier with more than 90 extrusion lines and over 100 cutting lines for steel cord and textile cord running in customer’s plants in 31 countries.
One of the continuously developing product is a Strip Winding System for tread and sidewall application onto the radial and bias tyre casing. There are several basic line’s composition following process requirements. Common design feature of main application unit is overhead design, bringing comfortable working environment, easy and quick installation and ability to current customer’s floor space situation adaptation.
KONŠTRUKTA-TyreTech offers complete production systems for bias or radial tyres. In case of different compounds application (base, cap, sidewalls) extrusion line consists of number of extruders for separate compounds. There is a compound exchange managing algorithm to guarantee efficient material utilization during production phase change, to decrease waste time and scrap compound. In case of bias tyres production, complete independent line can be used, from extrusion machine up to finished tyres manipulation systems with lifting platforms or hoists.

Newly developed application head comes with narrow design, allowing closer distance from bead area during sidewall winding and higher application angles. Thanks to proper mass distribution, moment of inertia is minimized, that is very important for flexible dumping during contact winding process. When strip has been applied, it is stitched by stitching unit, positioned to the proper position by servodrive or in given fixed position. There are several stitching units design, including new multi independent swiveling rolls. This gives variability of process settings and together with recipe system allows individual settings for each product size.
Flexibility and wide production range allows to build tyres with radial and bias casing construction with one application head. System can be supplemented by one or more cooling devices, according to process demands.
Tailor made software for strip distribution allows to prepare recipe for winding of any profile shape on base surface of any contour.
Technology support, operator and maintenance training during startup is a matter of course. Like all state of the art machines, it is controlled by sophisticated control system, collecting all necessary data from energy management up to actual machine status. As a part of higher automation level, control system includes fault auto-detection and online possibility to connect between service department and machine located in customer’s plant.

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