ContiConnect for remote tyre monitoring

ContiConnect for remote tyre monitoring

ContiConnect is Continental´s digital tyre monitoring platform for commercial fleets, which includes both products and tyre data services. The products create, monitor and transfer tyre related data in real time. The tyre data services allow the analysis, interpretation and display of these data; as well as triggering the respective physical service action(s), if needed.
ContiConnect enables the customers to remotely monitor tyre pressure and temperature in real-time and notifies them in case of urgent alerts. In doing so it pre-vents tyre-related breakdowns and generates value by increasing the vehicle´s uptime.
It is a crucial addition to Continental´s existing tyre monitoring system, Conti-PressureCheck now giving whole fleets the best quality information to help maximize fleet efficiency and generate value due to more uptime. ContiConnect™ is the starting point for Continental to become an in-depth partner for tyre-related data services.
ContiConnect has proven to be an efficient solution for remote tyre monitoring. It consists of different components, which include the sensors in the tyres, a yard reader station, a backend as well as a web portal and notification services.
• Monitors analyse and reports tyre pressure and temperature for entyre fleets based on data from sensors in the tyres, collected by a station in the yard.
• Sends alerts, if tyre pressure deviates from defined value.
• Notifies group of defined recipients via e-mail or SMS and suggests corrective measures, if necessary.
• Allows the fleet manager to act proactively instead of fixing problems reactively.
• Higher uptime of entyre fleet, less maintenance, and overall success in mobility and efficiency.

Web Portal

• Web portal allows real-time monitoring of the entyre fleet´s tyre performance and puts control into the hands of the fleet managers.
• Different views as well as filter functions allow detailed analyses.

Yard Reader Station – the receiver for tyre data

• Connecting component between the tyre sensor and Continental´s backend.
• It reads the data off the sensors as the vehicle passes by the receiver in the yard.
• Sends the data to the backend where it is analyzed and interpreted.
• It is installed at the fleet´s frequent touch points, like washing bay, gas station or other check-points.

Tyre Sensor and iTyre – making the tyre intelligent

• Tyre sensor connects the vehicle´s tyres with the outside world.
• Mounted on the inner liner of a tyre.
• Optimal mounting position of the sensor is ensured, to measure both the tyre pressure as well as its temperature very precisely.
• Sensor is protected from damage or theft.
• Both a retro-fit and a pre-fit solution are available.
• ContiConnect will become even easier to install with the availability of iTyre.
• iTyre™ will come with a pre-installed sensor, making it faster and more convenient for fleets to start digital tyre monitoring, resulting in time savings while ensuring the sensor and housing are correctly installed within the tyre first time around.

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