Black diamond from Finland

Black diamond from Finland

The story of Black Donuts began in 2011, as a group of experienced tire professionals established a new consulting company. The vision was to offer exclusive services to different actors in the tire industry or to new investors willing to enter the field. Due to the anticipated wide range of services, the company recruited tire experts from various areas of specialization, such as tire plant design, manufacturing processes and tire technology. Market research made clear the gap in the market and the founders realized that Black Donuts would be first of its kind globally. There had to be growing demand for state-of-the-art engineering services. This was confirmed immediately after the new company announced its establishment. Inquiries from all over the world reflected an actual need for new thinking and new services.
Despite of its short history, Black Donuts has already fully established its position on the global market. The company name and story are widely known in Europe, but also in Asia, North America, South America and parts of Africa. There are now more than 60 Black Donut experts bringing new kinds of efficiency to the company’s customers through questioning existing practices and processes and helping to see them from new perspectives.
And the story goes on: a strong and sustainable growth is seen in the future, as well. Although the core business of the young company revolves around its unique combination of expertise, an overall respect for customer wishes is tightly present in the strategy and in all decisions. Whether the customer aims to rationalize the entire production or only to enhance single processes, it is given the full support of a highly motivated and customer-focused team.
Thanking their existing partners and welcoming new ones, Black Donuts looks forward to continuing its successful cooperation in tire and machine manufacturing industry.

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