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Driven by Spirit of Innovation

Driven by Spirit of Innovation

By TA News Bureau:

Fengyuan Tire has adopted innovation as the driving force for company development and our goal is to be the top brand in China and abroad with top quality products, says Wang Zhongjiang, Chairman of Shandong Fengyuan Tire

Wang Zhongjiang, Chairman of Shandong Fengyuan Tire, is a member of the Communist Party of China. He graduated from China University of Mining and Technology, majoring in Executive Master of Business Administration with a master’s degree from University of Qingdao Science & Technology, senior engineer. He is the first manager with double Masters degrees in the Group.
Zhongjiang has held the posts of construction project director and vice-general manager of Shandong Bayi Tyre Manufacture Co., Ltd. from 2003 to 2013. He has been the secretary of the Party Committee of Bayi Rubber Co., Ltd. and general manager of Shandong Fengyuan Tire Manufacturing Co., Ltd. from 2014. He has played a key role during the development of the company. He rebuilt Fengyuan Tire and has served as general manager of the company, chairman and party secretary. He has excellent work experience and management ability and also has a strong sense of innovation and brand awareness. He improved and enhanced the comprehensive strength of Fengyuan Tire and strengthened its brand value, leading the company to greater heights.
Excerpts from the interview

After achieving the landmark capacity target of 10 million semi-steel PCR radial tyres in 2015 what is your next target?

In the high-end development orientation, Fengyuan Tire insists on brand image. We have established high quality products to build high level brand, put in the market equipment, technology, and quality onto high-end position. We will highlight the “green, safe, energy saving, environmental protection” features to create the unique and scientific path of development.

Please elaborate on the technology adaptation at Shandong Fengyuan Tire. What kind of equipment do you use to make high quality tyres?

Fengyuan has created many “No.1s” in the tyre industry. We have adopted the latest generation of low-temperature method of refining technology and have achieved advanced international levels. We are the first one to achieve the mass production of carbon nano-tubes material in the tyre.
– The first to propose carbon nano-tubes anti-static concept, and the formation of mass production;
– The first one to introduce the most advanced VMI –EXXIUM single-stage building machine, German Troester Quadruple Extruders, Italian double calender machine, German Fischer steel cord cutting equipment, and the advanced Korean Dong-Hua Hydraulic Curing machine.
– The most advanced testing machine, the Japan dynamic balance and uniformity machine, German X-ray machine, the German laser bubble inspection machine, American Alfa tension machine, integrated testing machine, the first one to use rubber flow detector and rubber surface adhesive teste, and participated to develop the standard of the two machines.
– Fengyuan is the first group company who was certified with green label
– National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology access enterprises
– The first company doing research on comprehensive safe tyre
– the pioneer company producing big size snow tyre in large quantity
– the pioneer company of rubber machine, high technology to win Qilu friendship prize.
– Pioneered the integration of IT application with industrialization.
– The first company passing the Second Grade Safety Inspection Standard
– The pioneering company of mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises
Please elaborate on your quality enhancing efforts
Quality: Fengyuan puts more emphasis on quality than brand to ensure production pass rate up to 99.6%.To keep quality our top priority we introduced Chief Quality Officer position to supervise the quality system. At the same time, put great focus on tech-guided, programming oriented and quality supervision. We offered a comprehensive training system and quality management system. We also try to create a quality focused environment by engaging in activities organized by China Quality Association. Fengyuan was awarded more than 10 rewards in China for its fast growing outlook and products quality
Innovation: A good innovation system is the driving force of the company’s fast growth. In 2015, 256 workers were selected from company to form an innovation team. A check-and-balance system is also created by Fenyuan, which rewards those innovative performaers and punish those who are irresponsible. In 2016, we collected 2360 advices which translated to 11 million RMB revenue. In 2017, we aim to apply for more than 100 patents and to be top 10 of Chinese tyre industry within two years’ time. During the year of 2017, we got the second place for innovation items at provincial level, and the 21th place of 35 patents, and published 29 articles in national level magazine. Innovation is the driving force for company’s development, innovation comes from talents which we work hard to nourish and make innovation our company culture.

What about your development planning and vision?

Fengyuan Tire adheres to high level growth plans. Our focus is on building consumer recognition tire brand. At present, the company has Farroad, Saferich and other tire brands, which are accepted and has satisfied the market.
We will gradually build first-class brands in the next three years. In 2017 we made some of the industry’s well-known brands. Our aim is to become the main brand in the market in 2018, and to become the market’s leading brand in 2019. We are striving to be China’s most well-known tyre brand, the industry’s most potential brand for domestic and foreign consumers.
Fengyuan Tire will always adhere to pioneering innovation through increasing investment to enhance competitiveness, with a global perspective to build the domestic first-class enterprises and to create world famous brands.

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