Winner From The Start

Winner From The Start

By TA News Bureau:

Over a short period of time since its establishment Shandong Fengyuan Tire Manufacturing Company has grown to become a winning example of China’s new generation tyre companies. Committed to quality through innovation, it already has won the description “The New Dark Horse” in the country’s tyre industry

Shandong Fengyuan Tire Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Yicheng Economic Development Zone, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province. It is close to Beijing-Taiwan Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, Zaolin Expressway, Qingdao Port and Rizhao Port. The project is owned by Shandong Energy (Among the world’s top 500) enterprise Zaozhuang mining group, and is a state-owned holding. The project planning is for an annual output of 20 million semi-steel radial tyres through research and development, manufacturing and sales marketing.
Targeting high-end products the company has adopted the technology, and equipment from global leaders like the Netherland-based VMI’s EXXIUM – a molding machine, the Italian steel wire calender, the German Terraz four composite and other international advanced equipment and has built a world-class semi-steel tyre production line. Using the world’s advanced tyre manufacturing synchronization technology combined with finite element autonomous noise analysis, independent research and development production of low roll resistance, low noise, safe and environmentally friendly green tyres. Production and sales doubled year after year, with an annual output of 10 million high-performance semi-steel radial tire production capacity, the company is 39th among Chinese tyre enterprises in 2017. This has prompted Fengyuan Tire to be called “the new dark horse.”
The company has HP, UHP, C-type light truck, SUV, snow tyres, drift tyres and other 23 series. There are more than 800 specifications of products that adhere to the European tyre label regulations in performance and quality. It has received ISO / TS16949, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 , ISO / IEC17025 accreditation certificates, through the DOT, ECE, GCC, inmetro, CCC mandatory certification, the first batch of China’s tyre label and China’s green tyre certification, the first batch of “same line with the same quality” that is the first batch Access to national low-carbon product certification of enterprises.
The “Farroad” brand was rated as well-known trademark in Shandong Province. The focus is on achieving international quality reputation. It won the 2017 China Rubber Industry Association recommendation for brand products. It is among the top 10 brands of China Snow tyres.
Fengyuan Tire products are exported to Europe, the Americas, and more than 100 countries and regions. Its brands like Brilliance, Zhongtai, Jiangling and Changan are among top products for new generation vehicles and new energy vehicle suppliers.

New products, new technology

Fengyuan Tire pays attention to technological innovation. The low temperature single-stage rubber mixing technology was authenticated by the national institute of chemical industry of science and technology. Its carbon nano tubes tyre application has won appraisal from the National Petrochemical Federation of Science and Technology. Both of the above technologies have reached international advanced level and laid the company’s leading status in tyre industry.
Low temperature single-stage rubber mixing technology project was started in November 2013, and was completed in January 2016 successfully. The system is a continuous and intelligent rubber mixing production assembly line, the whole process of rubber mixing closed-loop fully automatic seamless and formed the detection closed-loop, combined with the concept of environmental protection intelligent, add rubber oil purification technology, new solid material application, all these factors make low temperature rubber refining production technology process intelligent operation, stable and efficient environmental protection production.

Carbon nanotube tyre

Shandong Fengyuan Tire is the first to come up with the concept of carbon nanotube anti-static tyre, and start mass production. According to the test by a third professional party, carbon nanotube tire is much better than normal ones on electric conduction, mechanics and heat conduction. Its volume resistivity is at least 5 orders of magnitude lower, effectively avoid the negative influence caused by static, prevent fire and car spontaneous combustion, and improve the control and braking capability on wet and dry land, which provide safe, quiet and comfortable experience.
Fengyuan Tire company develops “triple-protection tyre”: anti-blast, anti-air-leaking, anti-static. Compared with traditional tyre, carbon nanotube tyre is applied with special strengthening technology. Even if damaged, this tyre still can keep some running by its good supporting performance. There is an additional anti-blast ply in it, whose puncture resistance performance is good, effectively preventing air leaking caused by puncture. Carbon nanotube tyre is good at static conductive. Tyre resistivity is 3 orders of magnitude lower than international standard, which can release the static gathered on cars, achieve the aim of tyre comprehensive security.
Fengyuan Tire company always insists producing high quality products, and establishing high level brand development orientation. It has launched a lot of high-tech new products: all climate tyre, studded snow tyre, white ring tyre, colorful letter tyre, drifting tire. They can satisfy different demand of different markets, provide comfortable driving experience for consumers.

Technology and equipment

Fengyuan tire is equipped with the Netherlands VMI-EXXIUM unmanned molding machine, Italy wire calender, Germany Terres four production lines, South Korea’s East River vulcanizing machine and other world-class semi-steel tyre production lines. It has built the international advanced low-temperature one time law refining production line and rolling production line, high-precision oblique cut production line, automated molding production line, high temperature nitrogen vulcanization production line, fully automated detection line and intelligent three-dimensional warehousing distribution center, building MES and ERP information management systems, company equipment and industrial information level in the forefront of the industry.
In 2016 the scientific research and technology investment was of more than 3,000 million. The more than 10,000 square meters of provincial-level technology center was built and an R&D team comprising international advanced design technology professionals was introduced. There was also the construction of more than 3,000 square meters of physical and chemical laboratories equipped with German SDS laser interferometer, Japanese dynamic balance uniformity testing machine, American Alfa Menny, rheometer and other international advanced research and development, laboratory equipment. In addition, the introduction of finite element analysis Law for independent noise analysis, innovation and development of low-rolling, low noise, green high-end tyre products has also been done.

Quality certification

Fengyuan Tire adheres to the quality first. The company took the lead in the implementation of the chief quality officer system, the implementation of full quality management, the introduction of “the whole process can be traced back” of the Internet of things model, innovative use of industry-leading one thousand forty four production testing process and the whole industry chain quality control means, import high performance management model, Into the international standard system, the whole process of quality control level to achieve advanced standards.
Product performance has been widely recognized by the industry, is the first batch of national exports of tire quality technology to promote the Committee, “the same line with the same quality” identified tire companies, access to the ISO / TS16949 automotive safety management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management System, CNAS national laboratory certification equivalent to ISO / IEC17025 certification, through the United States DOT, Europe ECE, Gulf GCC, ASO (Saudi Arabia), SONCAP (Nigeria), Brazil INMETRO, China CCC compulsory certification, the first through the China Tire Tag review and China Green Tire Certification.

Company Scale

Fengyuan Tire has the production capacity 10 million pcs in the year 2015, In 2017, the production capacity is 23000 pcs one day. At present, the tires sell to more than 100 countries and areas, export amount is 80%, Europe and the United States etc is for 55%, Production and sales maintain high speed growth, the growth rate is more than 70% annual average, Create a new pace of development of the industry, called “Fengyuan tire phenomenon.” by industry. The company is one of the first batch of enterprises in the tire industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information, one of the top 50 rubber enterprises in Shandong Province in 2016, the 39th of China’s tire enterprises in 2017, and 30 leading industrial enterprises in Zaozhuang City, which was selected as high-tech enterprise by Shandong Science and Technology Department.
In the current trend of change from information age to the intelligence age, we have built a production and marketing integration ERP system, production MES system, the market Haiyi system, and the advanced automatic 3D warehouse and mold storehouse, Company information and industrialization of highly integrated, which was listed as a national level of two integration management system pilot enterprise.


Fengyuan Tire develops “Mengchang home” talent accumulation project, through the channels of recruitment and introduction, has absorbed more than 500 professional training talents. Developed “three channels” and “three batches” construction, Cooperates with Qingdao University of Science and Technology, and South China University of Technology. Set up talent practice base, build a cradle of talent growth. Established balance mechanism. Implemented special subsidy system for professional technical talents.
Fengyuan Tire is the first company in the industry that has rubber machines, rubber elites and Qilu Friendship Awards. Chief Engineer Luo Jiliang won the province of enterprise talent development support project funds and rubber hundred years elite award, technical consultant Li Hanqing won the “Qilu Friendship Award” of the year 2016, executive vice president Du Yunfeng won the first rubber industry elite award of the year 2016. At the same time also introduced the Taishan scholar Dr. Li Hongwei and the Council grant winner Dr. Yang Wenjun in Qingdao University of Science and Technology State, Dr. Zhu Jiashun, Dr. Sun Hongguang 8 high-end technical talents. Talent growth provides a strong guarantee for the enterprise innovation and development.
Fengyuan Tire positively constructs the enterprise culture system. In the initial recombination, it put forward Four “Everything” (everything should have the standard; Plan ahead and prepare for it. Be patient and persevering in everything; Always keep the attitude of the coordination) and “Four First” (safety, quality , client , system ), take the enterprise culture as the lead, gather people and form cohesion.
The company has come up with “five spirits” with the combination of local culture, promoted “innovative spirit of XiZhong (who invented the wooden vehicle) ” “craftsman spirit of Luban” “spirit of assiduous study of Kuangheng ” spirit of talents of Mengchangjun ” and “perseverance spirit of Pteroceltis tatarinowii Maxim “to motivate employees through excellent culture.

Capital operation

After three years of high quality development, the company has made outstanding achievements, but the pace of innovation of Fengyuan Tire has not stopped. The company actively promotes advanced technology cooperation and capital operation, avoids trade barriers and expands domestic and overseas markets. With the help of the national supply, under the background of innovation, company actively responds to the national “One Belt And One Road” strategy, relying on the powerful support of Shandong Energy Group (The world’s top 500, ranked 372).
It has accelerated the construction of Thailand rubber processing base, carbon black, steel cord, PCR, TBR, rubber belt, logistics trade in one integrated chain industry pattern. In order to achieve value-added and profitable growth, company takes advantage of the development platform for rubber, explores the capital operation of M&A, restructuring and union, implements the “going out” strategy layout and accelerates business expansion.
In order to achieve value-added and profitable growth, company takes advantage of the development platform for rubber, explores the capital operation of M&A, restructuring and union, implements the “going out” strategy layout and accelerates business expansion.
Fengyuan Tire will be listed on the new third board by the end of 2017. By IPO, company can increase financing channels and expand development space. Expand brand influence and improve credit rating; Enhance capital strength and accelerate enterprise development; Standardize corporate governance and improve management efficiency; There are many benefits such as rotary board mechanism, which can make the company leap forward.

Development project and vision

Fengyuan Tire has opened the 2nd 3-year developing journey, making expansion, raising the quality, promoting the benefit, turning the good enterprise to the excellent one.
Production building: Holding the MES and the ERP system; Building the TMP facility management system; Keeping towards elaborate manufacturing; Accelerating production accomplishment and efficiency; Making the achievement of safe, effective and high-quality manufacturing; Starting the Phrase 2 project of 10 million pieces annual production capacity in the right time; Carrying out the complete mode and expand the enterprise scale
Marketing and sales: Insisting on the method of scale expanding in overseas market, brand creating in domestic market, image building in original equipment market; Oversea market focusing on direct distribution channel, domestic market focusing on prefecture-level city wholesalers, original market focusing on traditional automobile plants and new energy automobile plants, regional distribution channel focusing on group key accounts; Heading for medium and premium market both in domestic and oversea market step for step, raising the enterprise earning power signally;
Research and development: Aiming to premium and medium automobile after market, creating first class in domestic market and advanced in global market tire R & D enterprise;
Brand building: Growing into a well-known brand in tyre industry in 2017, into a consumer focusing brand in 2018, into a leading brand in 2019; Building a well-known brand in Shandong and China, from a potential brand to brand that recognized by consumers both from domestic and oversea market.
Attracting talents: Carrying out “Mengchang Hometown” talents attracting project, collecting kinds of talents with a common goal, thinking much of practice, based on the way of strengthening the enterprise by talents; Cooperating with universities and scientific research institutions, cultivating high-grade professional talents; Building training specialist system and training base, combining staff self-learning with training base, building scientific and reasonable talent selection system.
Enterprise culture: Keeping advantage in culture, deeply focusing on culture construction, accumulating the connotation of Fengyuan Tire culture; Utilizing traditional and modern media, spreading and establishing enterprise culture in multi-way and multi method, forming new cultural system of public listed company, creating Fengyuan Tire special enterprise culture of innovation integrity and standard.
Capital operation: Going public listed in new 3 board in 2017, arranging main board listing in 2019, accelerating the opening up development strategy,
Carrying out multi capital operation, optimising allocation of resources, expanding new development space constantly;
Fengyuan Tire will take the responsibility of high quality forever and will make innovation constantly. In the future, we will be responsible for consumers and market as always, construct world first class tire manufacturer with the spirit of innovation and excellent technology, try to create a Chinese tire new generation.

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