Product makes the difference

Product makes the difference

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In a competitive market, what makes the winning difference is products – well engineered and correctly adapted products, says Chris Bloor, Executive Director, Global Sales and Marketing, Giti Tire
Product makes the difference

It is the product that makes the difference in a fiercely competitive market, Chris Bloor, Executive Director in charge of Giti Tire’s Global Sales and Marketing, says while referring to the strategies the Singapore-based company has adopted to enlarge its market share and sustain growth.
“The bedrock of our strategy is product. Correctly adapted and well-engineered products will ultimately win the race to survive in the ever tougher world of the tyre business,” Bloor told Tyre Asia, defining Giti’s vision for future.
“The fierce competition is mainly linked to the proliferation of production capacity and available brands. This is resulting in ongoing commoditisation of tyres in general – particularly TBR & PCR. Many countries with tyre manufacturing plants have reacted by the imposition of various types of import barriers – anti-dumping or countervailing duties etc.
“We have enlarged our manufacturing footprint by investing in a new production facility in North America and continue to offer products that exhibit a great combination of quality a value,” he said.
Bloor, who joined the Giti in April 2009, has spent 36 years in the tyre business, having had a 29-year career with the Michelin Group. Starting from grass roots Bloor has held many technical, operational sales, and managerial positions in Europe and Asia including a period as an Executive director of Michelin UK PLC.
Bloor has wide experience of the Asian automotive markets and also has a deep understanding of the Chinese commercial vehicle sector.

How would you describe 2016?

“Giti saw robust demand in Asia in the passenger car segments in 2016. The situation varied in Europe and emerging markets with a sharp contraction in North America. The motorcycle tyre and bias tyre markets continued to trend upwards despite volatile situation.”

How did Giti perform in this mixed environment?

“One of Giti’s priorities for 2016 was to step up the pace of growth, which the company did by increasing its operating profit by more than 11 per cent compared to the previous year despite volatile and mixed environment. The dedicated efforts in recent years helped Giti to become more competitive and responsive in every market, to serve its customers more effectively.”
Some of Giti’s operations in 2016 included:
A: Introduction of Proline auto parts technology to build 24-hours B2B online ordering platform.
B: The establishment of the test site in KARAWANG
C: Garden Project: Planted more trees around the factory to build a more environmentally friendly area.
D: The Giti tyre plant in South Carolina, USA, is soon to be completed and is expected to be put into production commissioned in the second half of 2017.

What are your priorities for the future?

“We are in the midst of a digital revolution that offers a powerful lever for transforming our business and driving faster growth. Rather than resisting, we want to proactively embrace them by stepping up our efforts in four main areas: Improving the quality of customer service; simplifying operation procedures; empowering our team; and digitalising every aspect of business.”

What is the outlook for 2017 and beyond?

“The market trends observed in 2016 are likely to remain operative in 2017. As a result, we expect to see growth in sales volumes at least in line with global markets.”

How do you see the role of business in relation to sustainable development?

“Giti never forgets to pay attention to environment and implements sustainable development strategy during the course of development. More than 13,000 trees have been planted in the factoriesy. Moreover, about 30,000 saplings in 199 species have been cultivated. In 2016, Giti has made remarkable achievements in reducing water consumption, emissions, waste generation and recycling of materials and so on.”

Customer service

Giti has been making unremitting endeavor in providing impeccable customer services. The company has expanded its priority and franchise distribution network to better understand customers’ buying experience and to improve the overall customer satisfaction by meeting their demand in a timelier manner.
Giti works actively with a number of stakeholders. The company has joined and actively participated in various international organisations such as the Conservation International, the Singapore Science Center, the International Chamber of Commerce and the Business and Sustainable Development Commission. It also has partnership with educational institutions including MIT, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Columbia University, Harvard University, University of Chicago, Yale University, Bandung Institute of Technology, Jakarta Paramadina University, Bali Udayana University, Southern Methodist University, etc.
Giti has established a foundation on the basis of multi-party cooperation and diversity. The company also co-chaired the United Nations Global Initiative for Sustainable Development Solutions Network in Southeast Asia with Indonesian institutions of higher education.
There are some specific cases about how Giti Tire is engaged in sustainable development.
“First of all, in the process of developing and producing products, we do our besttry to follow the green principle. Giti Tire is committed to energy-saving technology and product development. During the production of tyres, Giti Tire makes efforts to reduce emissions and environmental impact caused by the waste gas and waste water, which is also the embodiment of the principle of sustainable development. Furthermore, Giti takes part in the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and provides tire products for those electric racing cars, making it a leader in innovative tire technology with reduced emissions.
“The market trend of 2016 tends to maintain in 2017. Thus, we hope the growth of sales will correspond with the pace of international market at least. We will continue to expand the scale, reduce the environmental footprint of our production facilities and further improve employee engagement, working conditions and professional growth of our staff,” Bloor said.

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