Pirelli introduces the New-Gen Cinturato P7 Blue

Pirelli introduces the New-Gen Cinturato P7 Blue

Pirelli has renewed the Cinturato P7 Blue and extended its ‘AA’ European tyre label rating to all new sizes, setting a new standard. Launched in 2012, the Cinturato P7 Blue was the first tyre in the world to claim a maximum score on the European tyre label for energy efficiency and safety (in certain sizes).

The latest Cinturato P7 Blue extends this standard to the new sizes added to the range.It now boasts a maximum European tyre label score on nearly all the sizes in the entire range. The new generation Cinturato P7 Blue reduces rolling resistance with a subsequent benefit in terms of fuel saving and CO2 emissions reduction, helping the environment, claims the company.

The company has used the Low Rolling Technology Package, a dedicated package that combines new construction processes, especially in the belt area, with the use of the latest internalmaterials. This package, developed at Pirelli’s cutting-edge technology centre in Settimo Torinese, is mainly based on a new system that controls the different phases of vulcanisation.

“The ‘zero-degree’ construction and belt have also been optimised to distribute pressure more evenly, which guarantees top performance, as well as safety under braking, in all conditions. The new technology has also led to an increase in tyre life in the order of 10 per cent,” the company said in a statement.

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