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Linglong Tire tests 3D printed tyre successfully

Linglong Tire tests 3D printed tyre successfully

In a path-breaking development, Linglong Tire has produced tyres using 3D printing technology. This was done in collaboration with the Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) .The company has also successfully tested the 3D printed tyres , reports said.

The tire uses thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material instead of rubber tread. TPU has a greater resistance to heat build-up compared to traditional rubber and therefore provides a lower rolling resistance. It is also said to be safe and durable and extremely environmentally friendly as waste tires can be easily recycled.

The 3-D printing process uses fused deposition modeling to turn the TPU into a tire using a hexagonal, honeycomb-shaped structure. Linglong anticipates a much lower cost compared to a rubber tire and notes the 3-D printing process eliminates the need for a tire mold, making the process faster, reports said.

Linglong Tire will continue to accelerate the development of high-performance green tires in the future, the company stated earlier.

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