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Hyosung: Focus on quality performance

Hyosung: Focus on quality performance

Since its launch in 1966, Hyosung Corporation has been playing a leading role in Korea’s economic growth, and has been a history of challenges and achievements in a variety of fields including textiles, industrial materials, chemicals, heavy industry, construction, trade and information and communications. In 2016, despite the difficult economic conditions of the domestic economy and the slow growth of the global economy, the company achieved record-high performance through customer-oriented management activities and global competitiveness. Not content with these economic achievements, Hyosung strives to adhere to international initiatives and fulfill the mission of Hyosung Way, which is to ‘lead the better life of mankind based on the best technology and management capability.’
Tire Reinforcement Performance Unit of Hyosung Corporation produces and supplies fiber tyre cord, steel cord and bead wire, which are the core materials of tyre reinforcement, with the world’s only integrated supply system for tyre reinforcing materials.
It also contributes to the development of the green industry and the IT industry through the production of Saw Wires, which are necessary for the production of semiconductors and solar cells wafers. It has been recognized for its technological prowess by signing a long-term supply contract with global clients such as Michelin, Goodyear etc. In particular, it has the largest market share in the polyester tyre cord market in the world. In addition to domestic Ulsan and Eonyang sites, Hyosung has established local production systems in China, Vietnam, USA and Luxembourg to supply more stable products to customers worldwide. “We will try our utmost to solidify our position as the leading company in the global market by providing differentiated materials and customized services,” the company said.
Hyosung Corporation has established an office in India to cater to the anticipated growth of the Indian tyre industry. Currently Hyosung is supplying not only global tyre makers like Bridgestone, Continental and Yokohama etc but also local tyre makers Apollo, JK Tyre etc. Hyosung considers that the Indian market is very important market so that we keep making effort to hold a strong position in Indian market.

Fiber tyre cords:

Hyosung is making unceasing efforts to improve the quality of tyre cords (nylon/polyester), which are high-functional products essential for the manufacture of high quality tyres. Particularly, the HSP series of polyester tire cords show the world’s best quality. Hyosung is under the development and production of tyre cords made of new materials, such as PEN, Lyocell, and Aramid.

Steel cord:

In order to reduce tyre weight, most tire companies request higher tensile steel cord like super high tensile and ultra-super tensile steel cords. Corresponding such demands, Hyosung is supplying huge volume (more than 50% of our total production volume) of super high tensile and ultra-super tensile steel cord.

Bead wire:

A bead wire is a major component used for reinforcing bias and radial tyres, while protecting the carcass plies from rubbing against the rim. Hyosung’s bead wire comes in a variety of strengths and can be tailored to the specific needs of customers.

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