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Siemens: Automation solutions for tyre industry

Siemens: Automation solutions for tyre industry

Over several years Siemens has been supporting tyre manufactures with solutions in tyre production. The company’s relationship with Continental is special. This is also the reason for Siemens’ solution competence center to be located in Hanover, near to Continental’s headquarters.
“During the market launch of the TIA Portal automation generation we recognized that our new automation generation shows an excellent product and system fit with the requirements for automation in the tyre industry. Also the upcoming trend towards digitalization in the tyre industry could be answered by the Siemens approach very promising. Therefore it was decided to strengthen our focus on tyre production, Peter Haan, Head of Global VMM Tire, Siemens, says.
The company’s tyre industry related activities include:
Global account management: To establish and maintain a tight relationship with major players in the tyre industry, Siemens has global account managers, always located near to the headquarters of the related tyre manufacturer.
Strategic account management: To handle all the relations between a tyre manufacturer and its machine builders during the planning, engineering and commissioning of a major green field project, Siemens has established strategic account managers
Siemens takes special care on all trend setting machine builders by assigning them an OEM sales specialist, who has also knowledge about the OEM’s machine and the tyre industry. The OEM sales is also the interface to the tyre vertical organization in the country, but also in the Siemens automation headquarters.
Countries with major importance for the global tyre industry, such as India, are defined as tyre focus countries and tyre automation specialists are defined.
Siemens automation headquarters is located in Nuremberg, Germany. The company also has a global acting presales support team to help machine builders and end customers to select the right products and supporting leading edge automation and drives applications throughout the overall production chain. In many cases Siemens can offer sample programs to make the use of TIA Portal the latest controller families easy to use for its customers. This is extended by special support for dedicated topics like manufacturing execution systems (MES), RFID applications, condition monitoring applications and others.
“For additional service for tyre manufacturers special measures have been setup By implementing this measures Siemens has been able to gain very positive market development over the past years and there are some Siemens focus country teams on the way to become market leader in the tyre industry in their countries,” Peter Haan said.

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