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MESNAC: Mixing workshop upgrading

MESNAC: Mixing workshop upgrading

Mixing is the first key procedure in tire manufacture; however, perhaps the most difficult area in the tire plant to upgrade and automate is the mixing area due to its traditional reliance on batch processes, which are featured with repetitive production, strong technological restrictions and dispersed quality control points. Under the background of Industrial 4.0., tire industry calls for an integrated upgrading solution to the mixing workshop and facilitates tire plants to realize automated and efficient manufacture.
Accumulating rich experience through years of successful project application in equipment, automation control, logistics and software, MESANC puts forward integrated mixing workshop upgrading solution. The solution overruns traditional upgrading methods that simply upgrade from the perspective of single elements, and takes into consideration of all the production needs in the mixing workshop, such as formula, architecture, technology and manufacture plans.
Productivity and quality improvement is the paramount request in the mixing workshop upgrading. “MESNAC manages to identify multiple upgrading points in the workshop and provides correspondent upgrading plans,” according to Sun Peifeng, engineer in MESNAC. “For instance, in the dosing procedure, traditional manual bagging operation calls for intensive work and its efficiency is quite low. To upgrade this section, we introduce automatic bagging device; its operation efficiency is less than 25s. To upgrade batch charge to the mixer, we develop introduction conveyor, which realizes an automatic material preparation and feeding; meanwhile, the conveyor further integrates rubber weighing with rubber transportation and achieves automatic scale calibration and weight data collection. We also upgrade Sulphur-charging methods to the mixer, and adds small chemical calibration scale with transportation function to the system, which prohibits missing charge and realizes automatic weight calibration. Rubber sheet collection can also be upgraded through automated transformation and equipped with automatic rubber sheet weight and batch information collection function. Such unmanned operation not only reduces work intensity but also greatly improves work efficiency.”
Rubber sheet inspection is an important procedure to detect mixing quality; however, traditional inspection calls for complicated manual work. In comparison, MESNAC upgrades the procedure through the establishment of unmanned quality inspection laboratory. It realizes full automation in sampling, inspection data collection, grading, report generation and SPC analysis. All the data and reports will be circulated in the system in real time to improve quality control efficiency and avoid manual quality failure.
To transform unpleasant working environment in the traditional mixing workshop, MESNAC provides automatic silica transportation system and biological deodorization system to deal with tons of dusts and effluents generated in the mixing process. Dust-collection system is equipped with fire-proof, explosive-proof and spraying function and further realizes clean and safe production in the workshop.
ASRS and information integration is another efficient tool to facilitate mixing workshop upgrading. According to Jiao Qingguo, General Manager of MESNAC Internet-of-things Division, “MESNAC ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval System) realizes automatic transportation in key procedures, such as raw material storage, carbon black transportation, mixer feeding and small chemical transportation. The logistics system is further integrated with automatic scheduling system in MES (Manufacture Execution System) and realizes in-time transportation and accurate material delivery. We hope to encompass all the manufacture elements and procedures in the mixing workshop on MES platform and facilitate tire plant to realize a digital control on the entire workshop.”

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