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GCAPS: Full range of testing solutions

GCAPS: Full range of testing solutions

The Global Center for Automotive Performance Simulation (GCAPS) is a world-class facility that provides revolutionary services for both vehicle and tyre, including testing, modeling and simulation. GCAPS comprises the National Tire Research Center (NTRC), and the Virtual Design and Integration Laboratory (VDIL). Collectively, these initiatives provide the full range of services essential for creating a more dynamic product through both virtual and physical development.

GCAPS is affiliated with Virginia Tech and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.


The NTRC began operating the world’s premier force-and-moment tyre test machine in January 2013 and has since become the epicenter for tyre testing and tire model data fidelity. The center specialises in testing designed to complement activities performed by global tyre and vehicle manufacturers. The NTRC uses transformational technology to extend tyre-testing capabilities up to 200 mph providing dynamic response and braking/torque capabilities through the entire speed range under both dry and wet surface conditions.


VDIL can transform the high-fidelity data generated by the NTRC into tyre models that can be used for handling, ride and load simulations. Available tyre models include MF-Tyre TM’ MF-SwiftTM,and FTire’M. Through processes developed by both VDIL and the NTRC a high-quality tyre model is produced in just a short amount of time.


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