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Nynas special oils enhance tyre performance

Nynas special oils enhance tyre performance

Nynas’ special oils offer unique ways to combine tyre oils with new polymers and fillers to achieve an excellent balance of performance and processing. Special oils used in the manufacture of tyres are one of the most important components in tyre performance. The oil content in a tyre may be as high as 6-7% of the total weight of the tyre, but it has been seen that the oil can also modify the tyre’s performance: traction, rolling resistance, durability and sustainability.
To cater for the growing demand for safer oils, Nynas is working closely with the entire supply chain of the tyre industry. The Stockholm-based company has been consistently developing new grades together with its customers to meet the most difficult performance requirements in a sustainable way. Nynas is also working very closely with other raw material suppliers so that the benefits of new polymers and fillers, for example, can be fully utilised both in terms of tyre performance and tyre manufacturing efficiency.
Tyre manufacturers depend on approximately 200 different raw materials, which means that they are very vulnerable to disruption to supplies. If, for example, a delivery of tyre oil were delayed, most of the rubber compounds could not be produced at all, resulting in tyre component manufacturing quickly coming to a standstill. One important step in securing reliable global deliveries was Nynas’ acquisition of the refinery in Harburg, Germany, in 2016. Thanks to the increased capacity, it is possible to make sure that tyre developers have the products they need, independent of their plant location, delivered to the plants on time.
Down the years Nynas has positioned itself with its ability to supply oils that help to reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel economy. “Nynas tyre oils are also used together with the new functionalised polymers and high surface area fillers, which are sometimes difficult to process. We’re currently looking at unique ways to combine tyre oils with new polymers and fillers to achieve an excellent balance of performance and processing. It may help tyre manufacturers to improve their performance even more,” Dr Mika Lahtinen, Senior Technical Adviser, Nynas Naphthenics, and a leading international name in research and development of tyre oils, says.
As the concept of eco-friendly tyres has started gaining grip in Asian countries, Nynas Oil sees more opportunities for its business and contribution to sustainability in the region.
“A lot of tyre companies have narrowed their focus and expanded in Asia, mainly in China and South East Asia, in the last five to ten years. Both local capacity consumption and exports to the US and European markets have increased in the region. So as a consequence, we have also invested heavily to enhance our refining capacity, storage capacity and get closer to our existing and potential customers. We already have a significant share in low PCA oil for the tyre segment in the region,” says Pascal Verhoie, Nynas Regional Director for Asia, Middle East and Africa Region.
The Stockholm-headquartered company has also invested storage capacity in Singapore, China and India. Last year Nynas opened a 32,000 cubic metres storage in Singapore, which has helped the company to speed up deliveries of naphthenic specialty oils and increase the availability in the Asia-Pacific region. With this, according to the company, delivery times will be shortened from six weeks to two weeks. “Now, we can bring bigger ships from our production facilities here and that helps us reduce the cost per ton and optimizing logistic costs,” adds Verhoie.
From the Singapore supply house, the company is supplying naphthenic specialty oils to Asia, Australia, and partly India. From the Europe hub Middle-East, Turkey and India are being catered. Nynas also plans to set up a storage depot on the west coast of India.

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