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Tata Steel GWI: Undisputed leaders

Tata Steel GWI: Undisputed leaders

Tata Steel-Global Wires, India (GWI) is the undisputed market leader for steel wires in India with 350,000 tonnes per annum capacity, six manufacturing plants across western, central and eastern India, India’s largest & most geographically spread out warehouse and distributor network. GWI straddles multiple market segments ranging from retail & agriculture to institutional-automotive, construction. It has done so successfully for years due to its business philosophy of “Binding Relationships.”

“Binding Relationships is a way of life for us. It guides all aspects of our engagements with our customers and with our partners. For us it means creating and sustaining a long term relationship based on trust, openness and synergistic value add. A great example of this our commitment to supporting the truck and bus radialisation efforts of our customers in the tyre industry in India” says Krishnendu Sanyal, Chief of Marketing and Sales at GWI.

Supporting radialisation

GWI has been a leader in producing bead wire for the reinforcement of virtually all types of pneumatic tyres in India since the last three decades. When its customers embarked upon their drive to increase radialisation in the truck and bus tyres segment, GWI as a partner to the tyre industry put its money where its mouth is any invested in a modern 650 TPM thick tyre bead line. But it did not stop there ,it studied in depth the application of the bead wire and leveraged its knowledge of steelmaking to develop special grades of wire rods for the 1.6mm and 1.65m bead wire commonly used in truck and bus radial tyres.
“I am proud to say that our thick tyre bead line for truck and bus radials is the most modern in India. We have leveraged our unique position as India’s only ore-to- tyre bead wire producer with in-house steelmaking and wire rod rolling skills to develop specialised grades for our customers across all ranges of bead wire from 0.78mm to 2.2mm diameter. These grades of wire rods are not available in the market and are unique to Tata Steel. Customers who have shifted to our thick tyre bead wire are very happy with the product and service package we offer to them. They have reported that wire breakages and line stoppages have become a thing of the past, post shifting to Tata Steel” says Ankur Kabra, Sr Manager- Tyre Reinforcement at GWI.

“We like to go deep into the processes of our customers and make necessary changes at our end to ensure that our products and services deliver superlative performance for our customers.
We have a lot to offer to our customers: (i) Peace of mind- assured supply of quality steel (ii) Flexibility of JIT deliveries and ~100 per cent delivery compliance made possible via our warehouse network across India (iii) End to end technical support (iv) Focus on joint productivity improvement projects (v)Customised steel grades for superlative performance (vi) Option for VAT/CST billing,” Kabra said.

To support its customer’s better and to provide end to end steel based tyre reinforcement solutions to its customers, GWI has partnered with Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI) to supply steel tyre cord into the Indian market.

Keeping in line with their theme of partnership GWI have entered into joint development projects with tyre manufacturers. Future plans include developing customised constructions that offer the best performance, suited to the Indian tyre industry’s unique needs.

Beyond steel

GWI is in a synergistic relationship with its customers. Very recently a 35 member strong delegation from a major tyre manufacturer visited GWI’s Tarapur facilities for a session on safety culture. GWI has always been quick to respond to the diverse needs of its customers. When one of the plants of another customer had to stop production due to a welding issue (not related to steel wires), GWI leveraged its R&D capability and dispatched a welding expert to the customer’s plant the very next thus enabling the plant to resume operations. GWI has provided access to its laboratory to all its customers for inter-lab correlation exercises and other experiments. It is common to find R&D personnel from the Indian tyre industry seeking second opinion from GWI’s QA department. Examples abound, but the theme remains the same: “Binding Relationships”. GWI is now looking the extend its relationships beyond India.


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