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inmess continues growing path

inmess continues growing path

Since MKON under the lead of Andreas Herzog took over inmess in 2012, a lot of changes happened at inmess. The first task for the inmess team was to redesign the core machines like rolling resistance measurement, endurance tester and especially the uniformity machines. As this was successfully finished inmess now concentrates on increasing their global footstep through adding more regional partners.
inmess has always been well-known in the market for its exquisite laboratory equipment. No matter whether you need a rolling resistance machine or an endurance tester for your passenger car or truck tires or a bead contact pressure measuring machine, a plunger or some special application, inmess has always been a partner of choice in the tyre industry itself but also especially at the various test laboratories. The southern-German based TÜV Süd rated the latest rolling resistance tester installed at Cooper Tire with the highest grades.
Additionally, inmess’ uniformity measuring machine for complete wheels has always been one of the best-selling machines in the market. Combined with its unique bead-seat-optimiser this combination of machines has been installed at all major OEMs all over the planet. Having added huge talent in the field of optical measurement technology by hiring Dr. Volker Kebbel and Dr. Torsten Baumbach, inmess not only was able to even better the existing uniformity machine. 2015 saw the introduction of 2 new machine types: a run-out tester for wheels and a uniformity machine for tyres. Both machines were successfully installed in customer locations in 2016.
Along with the redesign of the machines came an optimising of the manufacturing processes. inmess is proud that all design is done in-house. So is the final assembly. When increasing the output by more than 250% within two years processes need to be changed accordingly. “While we were redesigning our machines to stay on top of the latest developments we of course always made sure that we can keep the good quality German engineered machines are so well known for,” states Managing Director Dr. Volker Kebbel. “At the same time we put a high emphasis in aligning the design with manufacturing processes and smoothening those processes where needed. Today we can say that we can manufacture a much higher amount of state-of-the art machines at a high quality level having very stable processes”.
Manufacturing and selling high quality products globally increases other need as well. “We are installing 15 to 20 machines a year in many different locations on this planet. Each and every one of our customers has the right to get the best after-sales-service possible. The most expensive machine you can buy is a machine that is not running,” explains Jan-Marc Köp, Head of the Sales force. “We have hired additional dedicated service personnel to be able to perform the necessary service and maintenance work with experienced inmess people from Bremen. For example, we are doing more than a hundred calibrations for our customers each year.”
But inmess understands that customers’ needs go further than this. In an emergency case immediate support is needed. So inmess addressed these needs taking three different measures.
Step one is that inmess can equip each machines with a remote maintenance. In case of a software issue or some requested additional support, experts from inmess can perform test on the machines directly from their home base in Bremen. This reduces costs and reaction time at the same time.
Additionally inmess offers a 24/7 helpline to its customers. “We decided not use any outside operator for this task but do this additional task in-house”, tells Andreas Herzog, inmess’ Managing Partner. “We want our customers to have a chance to directly discuss their issue with a member of the inmess family”. This also the advantage that whoever takes the phone call can talk to colleague within the same company. inmess is convinced that acting that way, less information gets lost and help for the customer can be provided asap.

Last but not least inmess increased its international network. Through partnering with the right companies inmess can now offer local support in Asia as well as North and Latin America.
Jan-Marc says: “Combining all these activities, we at inmess are convinced that we offer an attractive package to our global customer base. Our machinery is state-of the art offering a high quality. So is our after-sales-service. This enables our customers to purchase equipment at the best total costs.”


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