Cimcorp: Intralogistics expertise for tyre makers

Cimcorp: Intralogistics expertise for tyre makers

Cimcorp Group, a global leading material handling systems supplier for tyre industry, has successfully delivered hundreds of automation projects for tyre manufacturing plants around the globe. The company has amassed a degree of expertise and experience that is unrivalled in the field of logistics for tyre manufacturing.
In today’s rapidly changing global business environment, tyre manufacturers increasingly face the challenge of improving productivity and meeting increasing customer demands while maintaining the sustainability.
Veli-Matti Hakala, Sales Manager for Cimcorp, says, “Automation is key to achieving this and gaining competitive advantage.”
Cimcorp has recognised the challenges and actively developed solutions to help tire companies. Being a trendsetter in intralogistics the company urges its people to think outside of the box and create concepts that can now be considered the latest trends in automation.
According to Veli-Matti Hakala, one significant technical development in the tyre industry over recent years is software: Software that integrates the production machines and material handling systems to automate the material flow and control the production process from raw materials goods-in to the finished tyre loading dock.
“The latest technical – especially software – solutions improve the control of the total material flow. This makes it possible to survey the whole manufacturing process in a totally new way,” explains Veli-Matti Hakala, “Efficient and ecofriendly handling equipment – robots, monorails, AGVs, conveyors – integrated with intelligent software into a seamlessly operating entity enable the rearrangement and even reduction of the process machinery.”
This results in higher capacity with less equipment and smaller investment.

Cimcorp’s software suite, including Warehouse Control System (WCS) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES), enables integration of the processes into one seamless operation. Productivity is raised dramatically through smaller buffer stores and reduced work in process (WIP). In addition, the transparency of the production process is improved, paving the way for further enhancement and development.
Cimcorp’s Dream Factory solution for tyre manufacturing is based on lean thinking. “In our opinion lean manufacturing technology can be fully adapted to the demands of the tire industry,” convinces Hakala. “Lean manufacturing concentrates on increasing what adds value, and on minimizing everything that does not add value. In tyre production the result is smaller production buffers – for green tires, for example – and minimized waiting times, meaning 100% availability of all materials at every production machine.”
In addition to the increased productivity the new optimised tyre plant layout that Dream Factory proposes makes tyre manufacturers faster and more dynamic when building new plants, and enables them to optimise the plant size.
“Having improved control of the whole manufacturing process means that more high-quality tires can be produced,” Hakala says. “Tracking, combined with smaller buffers and 100% availability of components at all process machines, can increase yield dramatically. Cimcorp’s Dream Factory solution – which includes material handling and manufacturing execution systems – provides sustainable growth for tire makers.”
Another key concept in plant design is modularity: The tyre makers don’t need to establish a huge tire plant all at once – they can build new capacity by adding production lines in a modular fashion, step by step. This is the philosophy behind Cimcorp’s Dream Factory solution; it maximises the manufacturing capacity of each production machine due to just-in-time (JIT) operation.

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