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Mixing : Innovative excellence at Bainite Machines

Mixing : Innovative excellence at Bainite Machines

With our mild thoughts on modification in the mixing line since 1984, it has slowly graduated into sheer passion in contributing towards mixing excellence in tyre and technical rubber industry.
Apart from developing fully automated turnkey-based mixing room technologies requiring either one or two persons utmost depending on the choice of either Twin Screw Roller die or two Mixing Mill set up methodology for dumping and sheeting activities respectively, Bainite, in constant consultation and involvement with very high profile rubber technologists and experts, has covered many aspects of compounding with the general purpose polymers and has given its best to the industry.
Furthermore, Bainite constantly keeps research-based programs on by experimenting with and understanding each polymer characterization and its respective effect on mixing. The company is developing its mixers which cater to all kinds of mixing demand viz. Standard compounds, special magnetic rubber-based compounds and also components which activate at very high temperature of 220°C and beyond.
This is very challenging because, apart from achieving better dispersion, the best properties of each and every component has to be maintained in its fullest.
Secondly, with the help of GPC (gel permeation chromatography) sourced from Bainite’s rubber technologists, The company is in a position to determine and understand Average Molecular Weight, Molecular Weight distribution and degree of branching and accordingly design and obtaing mixing dynamics. Therefore, with its advanced technology offering, Bainite is becoming very popular in Fluoro elastomer, Silicone elastomer, Polyurethane elastomers etc., apart from standard tyre and technical rubber industry.
It is very important that these research-based innovations reach all segments, viz. Small and large sectors, of the industry, and with focussed efforts, Bainite has developed very modern and rugged designed mixers in both Tangential as well as Intermeshing Mixing methodology. So is the range of its Twin Screw Roller Die (500 Kg/ hour to12000 Kgs/ Hour) and Batch-off Systems to match and comply all these mixer sizes.
From these mixer size ranges one can easily observe Bainite’s contribution to each and every size of industry. The overheads and time cost of manufacturing a 25L mixer and 330L mixer has minimum difference.
Bainite is using very high-tech softwares maximally customized to its needs in which one can test and ascertain distribution, mixing dynamics and shearing dynamics etc. well before translating the drawings for actual component manufacturing,

In Mixing section, Bainite has world’s best metallurgy, eHopper+ Technology with utmost automation control in Hopper and offering the world’s fastest Hydraulic Ram with best minimal Ram up & down time, enabling more productivity, cost effectiveness, ease of operation and longevity.
Another very important innovation is the research-based BM series Lab Mixers. The suppliers of various chemicals, fillers, accelerators etc. keep improving and developing newer chemicals and the tyre and technical rubber companies need to evaluate their effects and behaviour during compounding and also their end product properties. Even the carbon grades and silica grades and other fillers also need to be evaluated with respect to their behaviour and their end properties. In order to achieve and realise these objectives, Bainite has technically modifed its Lab Mixers, wherein the compounding is carried out in a smaller scale and the properties of end
product can be evaluated and conveniently translated into bigger scale batch mixers proportionally. The dispersion of the constituents also needs to be evaluated. The manufacturers of the machine systems carry out continuous improvements, modifications with respect to mechanical systems, component geometry, hydraulics, electronics, automation systems, controls, temperature controls, pressure controls
Bainite’s popular RES-O-LAB 1.6 L Lab Mixer with eHopper+ Technology mixer has a similar simulation factor having the same properties as the large mixer for production. What the company manufactures is Mixer with a hydraulic RAM, hydraulically operated discharge door which operates through a Linear Actuator, Hydraulically operated feeding door and latch cylinder, miniaturized Temperature Control system, PLC Controls and Drives, the Hydraulic Power Pack. All these components along with the Mixer are enclosed in one box of epoxy powder
coated canopy enabling an enhanced aesthetic look.
The Laboratory Mixer is equipped with SCADA, which monitors and gives out the reading of the energy consumed, temperature, batch timings, batch weight and also one can feed in different thousands of recipes and based on the recipe you can vary various factors like RAM pressure, RAM speed, Rotor speeds through the Mixing Cycle, dump temperature, the temperature monitoring through the cycle etc.
All the factors governing the compounding cycle are captured and can be displayed on the monitor. with all these proven data, the compounding technologist find convenient to define and fix a recipe for a particular component.
The Labortory Mixer also helps the machinery developers to improve existing geometries and develop new geometries and see their effects on the compound chemistry through the compounding cycle. Whatever is simulated through higher end, latest and modern software tools can be ascertained by having the same geometry and arriving at the end results for the development and improvement of the new technology. Bainite is trying to develop a single mixer that can have both Intermeshing as well as Tangential Rotor geometry, be it 2 Wing, 4 Wing or 6 Wing Rotors or tip cooled Rotors to assess the effects on the rate of dispersion of various constituents in the rubber chemistry and the speed of mixing and the temperature controls.

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