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BKT covers entire Off Highway tyre market

BKT covers entire Off Highway tyre market

BKT, the India-based global leader in OTR tyres, owes its frontline position in the market to its remarkable range of products catering to all segments of the Off Highway tyre industry. The products are specifically designed for vehicles operating in the agricultural, industrial and OTR sector.
The company, engaged on a daily basis in the Research and Development of new solutions, has been able to meet users’ needs, designing specialised tyres that make operations both productive and comfortable.
High load capacity, excellent stability and outstanding traction are basic characteristics for this application. Tire flotation is just as important, which turns into extreme gentleness on the soil, so as to avoid the much dreaded soil compaction.

Agrimax range

The Agrimax range, radial tyres specifically developed for tractors, includes products that respect and protect the most delicate soils, but at the same time feature properties such as strength and high load capacity. Among the Agrimax tyre models, the Agrimax RT 600 one stands out specifically for spreaders. Its stability, high traction and gentleness ensure the lowest possible impact on the soil. It is ideal for soil tillage operations that require special attention. The treads have lower depth and has numerous lugs in addition to the particular rounded shape of the shoulder.
The company recently launched Agrimax V-Flecto tractor tyre – the first BKT tyre that uses NRO Technology (Narrow Rim Option). It already complies with the new experimental standards introduced by the European Tire and Rim Technology Organization. This marking makes it possible to use the recommended rims in the standard size instead of specific rims, which are required for VF tyres of the same size.
The ultra-resistant casing and the special reinforced bead make Agrimax V-Flecto perfect both in the fields and during road transfers without changing the inflation pressure along the way.
The tyre has the ability to maximise the load without having to change the inflation pressure, regardless of the speed, managing to transport 40% more weight compared to a standard tyre of the same size and with the same recommended rim. At the same time, this tyre reduces soil compaction – a crucial requisite to preserve the intactness of the soil – thanks to a streamlined footprint and a 10% larger tread profile.

Sierra Max

Another newcomer from the BKT stable is the new Sierra Max, suitable for the most extreme off-road terrains such as arid and rocky surfaces. Being mainly designed for racing, this tyre offers a high level of comfort ensuring a long tyre life-cycle at the same time.
A combination of technology and innovation, Sierra Max is BKT´s offer to All Terrain Vehicles (ATV). The special tread pattern provides for a large footprint on the ground ensuring exceptional front and lateral traction. In addition, the reinforced shoulder provides excellent sidewall protection. Moreover, this tyre is made of a particular cut-and-chip-resistant compound, and it distinguishes for outstanding self-cleaning properties – an essential feature for usage on dirt terrains.


The Earthmax range is a winner from BKT, designed for loaders in OTR applications. It is conceived to face the challenges on the most differing terrains – from snowy and icy surfaces to muddy and rocky ones at quarries and mines. The tyres feature extraordinary traction performance, strength, resistance and safety to safeguard operators at work and to significantly enhance driving comfort.
For snowy and icy terrains, the All Steel radial tire Earthmax SR 22 perfectly satisfies all needs in terms of grip, adherence and braking response under any conditions. For even surfaces it is Earthmax SR 31, a radial tyre with multi-ply steel belts, providing both extraordinary strength and stability. For scattered terrains, where debris of several nature is pervasive, Earthmax SR 31 and Earthmax SR 41 are definitely perfect tyres. Earthmax SR 30, Earthmax SR 49 and Earthmax SR 49 M are designed for muddy earth surfaces like mines, where traction is an essential factor.

Infrastructure, R&D

Behind the success of BKT tyres is the support of a world class infrastructure and an excellent R&D set-up where innovative technology development is a continuing process. The company’s first production plant for 2-3-wheeled motor vehicles opened in Aurangabad, Western India, in 1987. The strategic shift to Off Highway Tyres happened in 1994 with an eye on global markets.
The second BKT plant was set up in Bhiwadi, Northern India, in 2002, from where two years later the first Agrimax rolled out. Also in 2004, BKT started its own production of tyre moulds by setting up a modern factory in Dombivali. In 2006 the Chopanki (Northern India) plant began making All Steel radials for the industrial and OTR sectors.
The latest and most prestigious production site remains the Bhuj plant in Gujarat, extending over an area of more than 120 hectares, was officially inaugurated in December 2015. The plant, which cost more than USD 500 million, boasts state-of-the-art production machinery and structures that are powered by an internal thermoelectric power plant.
Bhuj is called “The Game Changer,” not only for the cutting-edge technology of its production lines, but also for the dedicated infrastructures for employees and their safety: a big village with modern apartments for 406 families, a medical center, a fire brigade station, a large sport center, and a school.
Over the years, BKT has evolved to become the producer of one of the largest tyre lineups in the international market, including more than 2,400 products that are exported in over 130 countries worldwide. The Group counts over 7,000 employees in India, Europe and North America.
The backbone of BKT´s working philosophy is social and environmental responsibility. “We care” is the motto included in the logo of the BKT Foundation, which promotes several social initiatives.

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