Nowadays the design product development is not enough to achieve and maintain a market leadership and innovation high level, mostly within the machinery area: there are many aspects that contribute to a manufacturing process flow so that it is more and more mandatory to apply a concurrent engineering approach. The Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) topics are becoming more and more top priority into the industry agenda, because of the development of data management and networking technology: the traditional product development for a machinery manufacturer becomes so a really multidisciplinary system integration, that is a fusion in between design features, requirements and productivity.
R&D in recent years has focused primarily on achieving improvements in productivity and efficiency in the tire manufacturing process.
Marangoni Tyre Machinery is a turnkey manufacturer for radial agricultural and OTR tire building machine solutions, that are designed not only for green fields but mostly to be integrated easily and effectively within a tire maker’s existing factory, according to the layout and logistic-materials flow requirements. The preparatory work and project execution are closely run with customers from conceptualization and budgeting through to the commissioning phase and often visits customer sites to provide hands-on training.
Inside the Industry 4.0 and IoT the productivity meaning has been extended: not only to have a certain production rate and/or minimization of the unproductive time, but it is extremely important to our customers to understand and manage the Life Cycle Cost, the MTBF (Mean Time in Between Failures) and Machine size change: setup of the machines must be rated to a very precise cycle time being sure to recover any failure and/or trouble within a certain time and procedure.
Faster size changes is one of the key requirements, mostly in OTR, because of dealing with small production quantities per shift, which means to have a highly varied mix of tires being made. For this reason the “tooling change and setup” becomes more demanding and this cycle must also be minimized in terms of operational time, possible mistakes and incumbent troubles by maintenance: Marangoni Tyre Machinery is developing several improvements in this area, such as “Automatic Tooling Change” features for OTR and Agro Tire Building Machines. But not only that, Marangoni has developed also “full-range drums” such new carcass band and belt package building drums.

This new generation of building drums, patent pending, is a real breakthrough in the industry: drums able to cover a wide range in terms of tires size (2x diameters range capability, no matter is the minimum dia required: ie. from diameter 1000mm up to 2000mm and all intermediate diameters by mechatronic fine adjustment) and production mix into the same size by “automatic recipe features” such as: bead-to-bead setting and continuous radial expansion/collapse by recipe during tire band or belt package building. In addition to that also: minimal out-of-roundness, no maintenance, fully mechatronic controls, cost effective life cycle cost and no tire size change during manufacturing process, so a relevant a productivity boost.
The core of this drums platform is a new mechanical engine that use something different respect to the state of art based on levers, kinematic cams etc.; the internal mechanical core allows to have all the above recalled features into one drum able to accomplish a wide range of recipes.
The drums platform is provided to accomplish ply-band building with and without shaped shoulders, continuous and fine controlled radial expansion and bead to bead setting (no spacers or shells required), vacuum and/or magnets provided, low weight (composite materials), automated motions under millimetre tolerance, automatic or fast installation/removal by a zero bolts technology.
Of course the spindle units are new as well but looking an optimized investment cost for Customers that aim to achieve productivity by optimization. The focus is to save time and space: into factories the floor-space and logistic is quite always a constraint, so technologies able to save tooling change time/effort and to minimize (or cancel at all) logistic of parts are the key enablers for productivity and fast return of investments.
A latest innovation besides the automatic tooling change (ply-turn-down, turn-up and bead-setting), is the “automatic drum change”: the possibility not to manually handle this assembly that usually is heavy, costly if damaged and manual setting oriented (by screws, flanges etc.). Now Marangoni Tyre Machinery is launching the Full Automation Tire Building Machine Platform for Agro and ORT industry in order to sustain high productivity and Operators ergonomics all at once.
Marangoni Tyre Machinery has started a new engineering approach years ago, to have a multidisciplinary approach since the early stage, a sort of internal concurrent engineering team working to account disciplines like safety, ergonomics, mechatronics and process requirements, the whole finalized into a full “System Requirements Specification” booklet to achieve as result a tire product/productivity oriented project process flow: a tire building machine is nowadays a batch of technologies and knowledge not just experienced based, we have a constant look to the new technologies (new materials, automation technologies, machining features etc.) and manufacturing best practices (lean, fast set-up, IoT etc.) so a continuous learning and developing process in which we involve all Marangoni Tyre Machinery engineering team.
In order to ensure these demands can be met, Marangoni has continued to invest in its engineering capabilities: we are now more and more focused on research and development and through partnership with universities and mechatronic departments in Trento and Rovereto, the team continues to expand with fresh talents. This includes the addition of engineers and specialists in new areas of expertise, in particular in materials and critical areas such as thermodynamic processes, particularly for polymeric materials.
Investments in finite element analysis (ANSYS Multiphysics) and full 3D modelling (AUTODESK Plartform) have also enhanced the company’s R&D and are enabling it to further improve the flexibility and performance of its machinery. It is important to be able to simulate the tire and machine together as part of a comprehensive tire building process, because flexibility and productivity are becoming more critical and we have to guarantee the machines parameters to be stable and top performing.
Marangoni Tyre Machinery is investing in simulation tools so that whole manufacturing critical process can be simulated like a full real scale test bench. That’s not only to ensure we can meet all the requirements of the customers, but also ensuring to get the best performance for the tire recipes.
Finally, the Project Requirements flow down is absolutely vital: from standard materials to the overall process behaviour, it’s not just a matter of writing down a sequence of events, but mostly to be able to handle all recipes (materials, tooling, features etc.) that the customers have to face day by day.
Marangoni is not only a machinery supplier but a solutions system integrator: we are able to manage a wide range of turn-key applications in the tire building machines domain, always looking to the optimal system design and delivery. The capability to offer a wide range of Tire Building Machines in terms of tires size for Agro and OTR by proposing several platform of automation to achieve the best to fit solution is our constant objective.

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