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Marangoni launches Ringbuilder Saturn retreading system

Marangoni launches Ringbuilder Saturn retreading system

Marangoni Retreading Systems has launched Ringbuilder Saturn, an exclusive new technology guaranteeing outstanding tyre-level performance and exceptional value for money. The company claims this is their most cost effective retreading system ever.

The product builds on the proven success of the 70-year- old Italian company’s Ringtread System, and is a major upgrade on their tried and tested RT1000S Ringtread-builder and Black Swan cushion-gum Extruder systems.

The RingBuilder Saturn is the next generation of machineries to facilitate use of Marangoni’s cold retreading technology, which utilises splice-less procured tread rings, perfect adhesion, and offers an accessible 10 tyre an hour capacity at much lower prices than Ringbuilder 3003.

It is the first machine to be brought to the market by the company as part of its new strategy to satisfy price-conscious medium size retreaders with less need for automation.

The RingBuilder Saturn 3000 is capable of producing up to 80 tyres per eight hour shift, and is a more environmentally friendly.

The first installation of the new technology was in Lourosa, Portugal, at the Lusitania Paulino e Gomes retreading plant.

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