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Bridgestone airless for bicycles

Bridgestone airless for bicycles

Bridgestone is to take its airless tyres to bicycles soon. First presented in 2011, these tyres use a series of rigid plastic resin spokes to help a wheel keep its shape as it rolls, instead of an inflatable inner tube that can puncture and leak. The company is now making a bicycle version. By simplifying the structure of the classic tyre, Bridgestone has reduced the resistance caused by wheels continuously changing shape as they roll. This maximises efficiency and reduces wasted energy—whether that comes from gas or man-power.

All the materials used in these airless tyres are recyclable. The thermoplastic resin, which becomes flexible when heated and hardens when cooled, allows it to be processed into a variety of shapes.

According to reports Bridgestone is hoping to launch its airless bike tyres ready for consumers by 2019, just ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

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