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Samson: Top quality TBMs

Samson: Top quality TBMs

Samson is well-known for its tyre building equipment. Since founded in 1975, Samson Machinery Inc. has made great effort to develop and improve in tyre building machines. As a professional tyre building machine manufacture, the company provides not only equipment but service and technical advice. Moreover, only Samson succeeded in providing the radial aircraft tyre building machines to the world famous tyre factories.
Samson provides full range of tyre building machines to manufacture various tyres for applications as diverse as bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles; all-terrain vehicles; light truck, truck & bus; radial passenger cars; industrial applications such as agriculture; OTR; and aircraft tyres. Its main products include tyre building machines, band building machines, servicers, building drums, and related equipment – all of which are manufactured to ISO 9001 (2015 version), EQA, and CE certification. It is a global supplier, with equipment exported to Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, and even to Africa.

Samson’s president, Lin Kun-Te, who has the knowledge and rich experiences of engineering, is leading this well-known company. “Tyre building machines (TBM) play a crucial role in ensuring tyre quality. Only one key could fit the quality demand; focusing on this field by keeping the tenet– providing the high quality TBM, Samson is devoting all its resources to assisting tyre manufactures to make high performance tyres.” President Lin says. Of the around 80 members of staff at Samson, spread across several departments, approximately 20 members work in research and design department. Innovation is the cure value decided since the establishment of Samson, and it’s also the motivation source of sustainable development. It continues to carry out a large amount of R&D activity, in order to maintain high level of innovation and provide safer equipment that has become its trademark.

In recent years, Samson involved in improving the existing radial passenger tyre building machines. Samson is also planning to introduce the newest product, two-stage full automatic PCR tyre building machines (new version). It’s not a traditional semi-automatic radial TBM, it’s a full automatic TBM which keep the advantage of both unistage and two stage machine.

Normally, consider to the single stage TBM efficiency and two stage TBM manufacturing advantages, tyre factories need to choose and decide which kind of machines they need to use. It was said the fish and the bear’s paw, you can’t have both machines’ advantages at the same time.
To provide better solution, Samson is currently promoting its upgraded two stage full automatic radial tyre building machine. This full automatic two stage TBM not only has the advantages of single stage radial TBM, operating automatically & high capacity; but also has the benefit of two-stage radial TBM, making tyres with expanding-drum method. Using this machine, the operator could make high quality tyres and get high capacity easily.

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