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Tyre uniformity measurement using latest inmess equipment

Tyre uniformity measurement  using latest inmess equipment

Tyre manufacturers use uniformity measurement machines to control 100% of the tyres in regards to radial and lateral forces, conicity and ply steer. Those parameters can have a negative impact on the behaviour of the car. The impact can be on vibration as well as the steering wheel. Furthermore tyres will wear down faster if the conicity is too high.


A good overall uniformity of the tyres is very important for the car manufacturers. This is why the tyre balance as well as the tyre uniformity are not only controlled at the tyre manufacturers but again at the complete wheel assembly. Most of the bigger OEMs perform a 100% check of each assembled wheel before allowing mounting the wheels. Again the specifications are very tight.


One of the world leading suppliers of uniformity machines for complete wheel assemblies is the German company inmess. With more than 20 years of experience in this field inmess has a high number of existing installations globally. Very often the inmess uniformity machine is installed together with the bead seat optimiser, which inmess developed in cooperation with Audi.


Laser sensors


Through the large number of global installations and the steadily increasing standards towards uniformity, inmess gained a deep knowledge in the measurement process of uniformity. This also includes the usage of laser sensors no matter whether it is point or line sensors.

inmess TUM

inmess TUM

inmess has good relations to the world leading sensor manufactures and can test the latest sensors to be sure to have the best technology available. Knowing that space is always limited, inmess always designs their machines as compact and robust as possible. Of course, annual service and maintenance are part of the package offered by inmess. Through this complete package inmess was able to establish themselves as one of the global experts for uniformity measurement technology.


So, it was no big surprise for inmess when they were asked by one of the top ten tyre manufactures to develop a uniformity measurement machine for tyres. A uniformity machine for tyres is even more challenging than one for complete assemblies because you have a more complex process. But inmess was more than willing to accept the task and so they developed a state-of-the-art uniformity machine.


The core element of the machine is the pc-based measurement technology, which is proven in daily production all over the world. The machine control is implemented using Siemens or Rockwell technology, depending on the customers demand. Machine properties such as cycle time and repeatability meet and even exceed the well-known customer expectations. An optional runout measurement based on state-of-the-art laser sensors is performed without increasing the cycle time. The machine can be delivered together with soaping and grading devices as well as conveyors. Thus, inmess is able to deliver a complete tyre uniformity system.


The first two machines meanwhile were successfully installed. “Of course developing a new piece of equipment, even when having the knowledge about the measurement principles, is always a challenge”, states Jan-Marc Köp, Sales Director at inmess. “But we learned that we were able to develop a very competitive uniformity measurement machine in both regards: technical as well as price. And we still have a lot of plans regarding especially the tyre uniformity machine. If you join us at the ATRC in Chennai in June we might be able to give you some more information about our next steps”.

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