Black Donuts in India: One-stop for entire solutions

Black Donuts in India: One-stop for entire solutions

Black Donuts Engineering Inc. is expanding its footprint in India by opening a new office in Delhi, in association with Dawnsun. The objective of the new daughter company is to bring the utmost level of advanced tyre technology better available to the Indian market. This is accomplished by offering an impressive spectrum of services in tyre plant design and technology, tyre design and development, material development and tyre testing, including the support of new market entries.
The future in India will be driven by strong technology growth. Keeping pace with the fast evolving automotive sector, also the tyre industry is undergoing tremendous transformation. Ambitious capacity expansion plans are underway and the industry is geared to compete with the best internationally. In order to better serve and support its Indian customers in their current and future challenges, Black Donuts is opening a new office in Delhi in the spring 2017.
“We’re seeing a rapid increase in demand for our expertise in the Indian market and, as part of our own strategy, we want to get closer to our customers,” Susanna Moisio, Director at Black Donuts Engineering Pvt, says.
Opening its registered office in Delhi, NCR region, the new enterprise has future plans to establish local service centres in the southern, eastern and western zones of India. The teams of Black Donuts Engineering in Finland are working in close co-operation with the team of Dawnsun in order to amalgamate European know-how with the expertise and evolving standards in India into a unique competence.
“Black Donuts Engineering Finland and Dawnsun will provide a unique gateway for Indian tyre manufacturers, who want to stay ahead and be globally competitive through the support of leading technology,” says Piyush Dhawan, Managing Director, Dawnsun.
Providing one-stop solutions for all fields of tyre manufacturing and technology globally, Black Donuts is equipped with cutting edge technology. Now the company is expanding its horizon to the rapidly growing tyre industry of India, demonstrating that it is always one step ahead of the competition and catching up dynamically with the global demand.BLACKDONUTS11
The key objectives of BDE Group are in providing technology support in the design, production, and marketing of tyres. Indian customers can expect extensive support both in building new greenfield tyre plants and in the productivity-optimising process updates of existing factories. In addition, Black Donuts helps its customers to determine the information, systems and technologies required to create competent managerial tools for efficiency evaluation, quality assurance, and production management. tyre design, testing, innovative design methods and marketing expertise are also among the main competencies of Black Donuts.

Passion for profitability

Black Donuts’ passion is to build turnkey greenfield tyre plants, those that make a difference in efficiency, quality, and environmental friendliness – and most of all, in profitability.
Besides bringing new greenfield tyre plants from zero to a running top modern plant, Black Donuts also provides designs and specifications for existing brownfield tyre plants in order to improve their efficiency. Automation is one of the power trends in tyre industry, and the manufacturers are confronting a constant pressure to increase both the capacity and profitability of their tyre production.
“Automation is nothing new. Fundamentally, it is our knowledge of the whole tyre industry that captures real customer value: we master materials, machinery, products, and processes alike, which is essential when supporting our customers to increase their overall profitability, Kai Hauvala, CEO of Black Donuts, says.
Achieving better efficiency has an echo of years-long investments and heavy extensions. The teams of Black Donuts want to reject the image of time-consuming and costly projects as redundant. Relying on extensive experience, their professionals know how to fine-tune all the customers’ processes to support profitability. Turning the whole processing upside down is rarely needed but lighter improvements can have a strong positive influence on the outcome as well. Modifications of manufacturing processes and testing methods or the reduction of raw material costs are examples of simple but effective ways to increase profitability without a need for extensions or major investments.
Sometimes it is only a matter of a smart modification.
Whether the customer wants to rebuild everything from scratch or just unify existing activities, Black Donuts helps to analyse the current status and confirm that every function is state-of-the-art. Changes and modifications are always tailor-made to the specific customer needs and situations.
“Our mission is to bring our customers new kind of efficiency primarily through questioning existing practices and helping to look at old processes from a new perspective,” Kai Hauvala says.

High-end innovations

Innovativeness is the source of daily inspiration at Black Donuts. The company develops innovative product designs, processes and materials having its sharpest focus on optimizing customer benefits and minimizing environmental impact.
“Innovativeness is a built-in factor for us. Our in-house R&D focuses on the latest technology and the hottest innovations. Yet everything starts with the customer and their unique needs and desires,” Susanna Moisio tells.
The structural change and heavy growth in the tyre market have created growing needs for new kinds of services that cover the entyre tyre development field. While authorities are tightening the regulations in Europe, Asia, and in the USA, the tyre manufacturers are being forced to face new challenges.
In order to answer to the new demands of tyre industry, the entyre design and manufacturing process of a tyre manufacturer needs to be in line with the targets. Black Donuts helps building value by lending their experience for every phase of the process, including material development and tyre testing. Material development service equals the whole raw material chain from choosing the suitable material sources to the final approval. Every detail is planned to meet with the product and process requirements and to respond to the current standards and regulations. Finally, uncompromising testing procedures make both Black Donuts and their customer confident about the quality of the tyres they have developed.
“Testing is the only way to make sure that the tyres perform exactly the way they should, without surprises,” Susanna Moisio explains.
Several tests and measurements in- and outdoor are needed to ensure the conformity of production and the ultimate safety of the new tyre design. Whether the customer is designing new products for new markets or just improving current tyre models, Black Donuts, with its extensive and detailed knowledge of all modern tyre testing methods, will make sure that the new product will be tested throughout and respond to all expectations.
“As a technology leader, Black Donuts is continuously creating new trends, setting new standards and ranking at the top of tyre technology growth. Their competence in process development and product quality will definitely meet the needs of the fast evolving automotive sector and tyre industry in India,” Piyush Dhawan promises.

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