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AFACHE: Optimising Tyre Factories

AFACHE: Optimising Tyre Factories

Hansung Sysco, the South Korean Group, has taken cutting edge technology to a higher level through its winning arms – AFACHE and ARECA. The two companies are today major contributors to segments that are vital to the future of tyre industry – automation and air pollution control

By TA News Bureau

Future industry will depend largely on automation and Hansung Sysco has already proved that it is ahead of time in offering automation system solutions that are among the best in the world. The South Korean group is currently focused on expanding its footprint across the world, including in growing markets like India, armed with its products that are the results of cutting edge technology innovation. AFACHE and ARECA, two of its winning arms, reflect its emphasis on forward-looking R&D drive.

Hansung Sysco has been striving to become world’s leading company in automation system solutions for several decades. The company is confident that the technology it offers is recognized as the best in the market. It launched AFACHE, which focuses on solution to factory automations, measurements and control devices, and ARECA, which offers air pollution control systems.

AFACHE at Rubbertech China 2016

AFACHE at Rubbertech China 2016

AFACHE is a major contributor to tyre manufacturing industry. It is driven by uncompromising stress on high level engineering capability. Futuristic R&D efforts support its product manufacturing process. Geun-shick, Park, Chairman & President of Hansung Sysco, told Tyre Asia (see separate interview) that the manufacturing process is based on accumulated automation technology to cater to the tyre industry. The aim is to make these products highly and easily applicable in the industry.

Technology orientation makes it imperative that the company’s R&D capability remains top of the line. It has three R&D centres in Korea, where the company has been investing over six per cent of its turnover. The R&D spending in 2015 was USD 3.7 million in 2015. The Group’s R&D center has 27 patents – both domestic and overseas. Many of its technology solutions are first in the global market.

“We have been developing new technology based on industrial trends not only by developing existing technology but also by participating in tyre industry exhibitions such as Germany, China and India every year,” the Chairman said in the interview. The target is to build a “smart factory,” a concept integral to Industry 4.0, which involves automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It also includes the Internet of Things (IoT). AFACHE has been following automation engineering for over 20 years, successfully developing IoT software and hardware elements that can make remarkable difference to tyre making process. The Auto Laser Marker and 3D Measurement System technology, which was developed in 2014, is the first tyre manufacturing automation technology in Korea and can remotely control the system wireless.

Output of AFACHE R&D

Through AFACHE’s continuous research and investment in 3D vision system, the company has developed the world’s first sheet-of-laser measurement method, JLB (Cap ply) cord counter and Portable EPI measurement system.

JLB (Cap ply) Cord Counter

JLB (Cap ply) cord counter is designed to measure the amount of textile cords inside the tyre belt using 3D camera system in real time. It was developed for the first time in the world. Previously, there was no such product counting joint-less belts (cap ply) with 3D camera system in real time. Major competitors’ products measure the belts using X-ray offline. In addition, AFAHCHE’s product is more compact than other brands and so it needs less installation space. Results are precisely displayed on a screen and saved automatically for utilising the data as statistic for joint-less belts (cap ply) quality maintenance. It is simple to install and easy to maintain, which can help save system maintenance cost.

Portable EPI Measurement System

AFACHE has developed portable EPI measurement system applicable to calender process. Portable EPI measurement system is for measuring number of textile cord per inch in textile fabric before calendaring and is designed to be easily carried by the user. It is also being exhibited at the Tyre Technology Expo 2017 in Hannover.


JLB Tension Controller (standalone ver.)


JLB Tension controller (standalone ver.) applies jointless belt material to the drum maintaining constant tension in the tyre building process. Results are clearly displayed on a screen and the data is automatically saved. The system is compact and easy to set-up. It offers low tension control tolerance ±200gf and enables to control the belt’s tension by changing target sections (maximum 10) at a time. At the Tyre Technology Expo 2017, showcased at AFACHE’s stand will be its recently upgraded JLB (Jointless Belt) tension controller designed for upgrading existing tyre building machines.

From mixer to final test process, AFACHE provides customised manifold solutions across the tyre production line. The company’s other representative products include On-Line Profiler, Off-Line Profiler, 3D Run-out measurement system (standalone ver.) JLB (cap ply) tension controller (standalone ver.), Splice checker, Ultrasonic cutter, Web guiding system and Auto laser marker.

On-line profiler measures profile of material produced from tread and sidewall extruder in real-time at a speed of 50times/sec. It operates by comparing measured profile with designing one, saves and manages the measured data. Measurement speed is 8 times faster than competitor products.

Off-line profiler measures width and thickness of material at a processing rate of maximum 2,500times/sec. It saves and manages measurement data.

3D Run-out measurement system (Standalone ver.) is finished tyre appearance inspection system. It measures LRO (Lateral Run-Out), RRO (Radial Run-Out), and bulges or dents on the tyre appearance (sidewall & tread). While competitor products inspect defects in specific point of a tyre, AFACHE’s product inspects them on overall surface-sidewall & tread. In addition, it recognises a character on its surface and excludes the character from test subject.

Splice Checker inspects splice and dog-ear of materials. Besides, it measures an amount of open and overlap of the material and forwards it to Cutting Machine. While competitor products inspect defects in specific point of materials, this product inspects them overall.

AFACHE TEAM, (L) Shawn An ,(M) Dasom Lo, (R) Johoon Hur

AFACHE TEAM, (L) Shawn An ,(M) Dasom Lo, (R) Johoon Hur

Ultrasonic cutter cuts rubber material clean and accurate using ultrasonic. It is compatible with ultrasonic cutter of other companies. When AFACHE’s ultrasonic cutter overloads, alarm automatically occurs.
AFACHE’s R&D center has developed a tyre detail information verifying system with image cording technology. This system codes invisible and visible marks on finished tyre surface and using mobile apps, the coding data is scanned and the information is viewed on the internet. This allows manufacturers, sellers, and users to easily view tire details with tyre details with their mobile phones without any additional equipment. This technology will also be showcased at Hannover expo.

Air Pollution Control

ARECA, which offers factory air pollution control systems for VOC gas elimination, is another proud brand of Hansung Sysco. It was established as part of DaeYang Environment Co, Ltd., which later became part of Hansung Sysco.
ARECA has been the world’s largest reference in tyre industry over 26 years. The products are major contributors to green technology. The company has been focusing on expanding its own technology and developing the regeneration combustion equipment itself, which is a new way of VOC treatment facility beyond the existing damper way.

The cost-effective import substitution is of high-efficiency and has opened up new horizons in the field of domestic environmental facilities. The company has focused on providing the optimum equipment considering characteristic by VOC’s emission source, types, process parameters from the VOC’s emissions.
ARECA developed Regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) system for the first time in Korea and has patents not only Korea and but also Europe, China and Japan and received a CE certificate. It has large-scale system construction capability, leading technology and abundant experience from design to maintenance are secured. Through unique technology and experience, ARECA has established long term relationships with key customers such as Hankook Tire, Kumho Tire, Samsung, Hyundai Mobis and Chinese national company-Panda-and etc. With its own overseas subsidiaries in China, Europe, Indonesia, and USA, ARECA can handle fast A/S.

Other ARECA products include Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) – Electronic/Optical/Solar Film, Tape Material, and Protection Sheet; RTO – Petro Chemistry, Print, Chemical Product, Wallpaper, and LCD; Flameless RTO (FRTO) – Food Treatment Gas, Sewage Sludge gas, Semiconductor, LCD; Concentration + FRTO – Coating, Paint, Tyre(Mixing/Curing). ARECA developed the innovative regenerative combustion equipment for VOC gas elimination in 1998.
The sustainable development technology ARECA came up with has won several accolades. It was selected as a “Promising Environment Company” in Korea and also as a “Global Jiangsu Enterprise Growing Enterprise” by the government of the Republic of Korea.


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