Lexus LS sedan to run on Bridgestone’s TURANZA T005 RFT  

Lexus LS sedan to run on Bridgestone’s TURANZA T005 RFT   



Bridgestone’s TURANZA T005 run-flat technology (RFT) tyres will be the standard tyre mounted on the new 2017 Lexus LS sedan.

“Bridgestone TURANZA T005 RFT tyres employ a newly developed sidewall reinforced rubber, which contributes to thinner tyre sidewalls. This enhancement offers the added safety benefit of run-flat technology while also contributing to the superior driving comfort expected of Lexus vehicles. The TURANZA T005 RFT tyre fitment from Bridgestone contributes to the ultimate refinement and exhilarating handling provided by the new Lexus LS vehicle,” said the company.

Bridgestone RFT tyres are engineered to go up to 80 kilometers  at up to 80 kilometers  per hour to safety after a puncture or a loss of pressure, claims the tyre company. Additionally, RFT tyres can help reduce the total weight of a vehicle because they eliminate the need for a spare tyre. Run-flat tyres also can contribute to a reduction in the use of resources by eliminating spare tires which are often disposed of without being used, added the company.

Through the widespread use of RFT tyres, Bridgestone aims to contribute to the realization of a safe and stable mobile society while reducing overall environmental impact.

Standard tyres support the weight of vehicles through air pressure contained within the tyre. Bridgestone’s sidewall reinforced RFT tyres, utilize reinforced rubber in their sidewalls to maintain their shape and support vehicles at zero air pressure, effectively allowing for driving on flat tyres. The newly developed sidewall reinforced rubber featured in the TURANZA T005 RFT features a molecular structure that makes cross-link of polymer chains more resilient to high temperatures. This structure enables RFT tires to be made with thinner sidewall, which offers a quieter ride and more comfortable driving experience.

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