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Münch Chemie – The Release Agent Specialist

Münch Chemie – The Release Agent Specialist

Nowadays, tyres are high-tech products. The highest level of quality is demanded by commercial and private buyers in the same way that it is from testing institutes and state regulatory bodies. At the same time, tyre manufacturers and the entire supply chain are in competition with each other at a worldwide level, whereby only those prevail who are able to offer innovative products of the utmost quality at a competitive price.

Good machinery and raw materials are no longer sufficient to achieve this. The entire production process must run efficiently and cannot permit any quality compromises to be made anywhere: Process aids and indirect materials must be maintained without having any impact on the product.

Therefore, release agents and coatings are increasing in importance as crucial auxiliary materials for the tyre industry. This is because these technical materials, which are invisible on the end product, are a decisive factor for highly efficient production with perfect results.

Release agent specialist with tradition

Since its founding in 1948, Münch Chemie International GmbH with its headquarters in Weinheim, Germany has specialised in release agents and process aids solutions for various branches of industry, particularly for the tyre industry – and it is significantly driving on development in this field. To this end, in 1996, Münch Chemie was the first company worldwide to develop semi-permanent water-based release agents and solvent-based bladder coatings for the tyre industry as well as technical components made of rubber.

Due to its high level of flexibility, its speed and its range of customised solutions, Münch Chemie has established itself as one of the market leaders in the field of release agent technology and has been able to achieve a 35% increase in sales in the last five years. Thanks to the strong development team, an international sales network and licensed production in Asia and South America, the products are used worldwide and are very much appreciated by customers.

Münch Chemie offers a very extensive product range of innovative and high-quality solutions for a variety of fields in the tyre manufacturing industry. This includes semi-permanent release agents for press moulds, inside and outside lubes, bladder coatings, lubricants for tyre fitting and tyre paints.

Custom-made solutions and in-house research & development

In highly sophisticated in-house laboratories, new solutions are being brought to a market-maturity level in the shortest time possible. Thanks to the high level of innovative strength and the intensive informational exchange between clients and sales consultants, Münch Chemie also offers customised solutions. These are tailored to meet the needs of the customer and, in this way, provide support in assuring optimal and highly-efficient production according to the highest standards of quality.

Release Agents: The relevance of an imperceptible product

Release agents are an indispensable part of many modern production processes. As an auxiliary material, they contribute to efficiency and effectiveness within the scope of production – their actual value is however frequently underestimated. Although release agents were merely a necessary measure at one time to prevent mould sticking, today they increase productivity, accelerate the entire process, ensure perfect product quality and increase the service life of the machinery involved.

All this is particularly emerging in the tyre industry because various release agents are used for crucial steps in the manufacturing process and have very special tasks to fulfil.

For decades, Münch Chemie International GmbH has dealt with the further development of these special release agents. The German company offers a very extensive product range of innovative and high-quality solutions for all fields, ranging from mixing space to extrusion and tyre construction, all the way to the vulcanisation process and final inspection. In addition to tried and proven standard products, Münch Chemie also offers innovative and customised solutions for specific customer requirements.

Münch products provide support for the tyre manufacturing process

Modern release agents by Münch Chemie are high-performance high-tech products. They influence efficiency and quality within the scope of the production process, for example, resulting in shorter lead times or making subsequent processing steps easier. “We use our comprehensive technical expertise and our endeavours to achieve added value for customers in order to offer optimal solutions to tyre manufacturers, thereby providing them with the support they need to increase production efficiency and be able to produce perfect tyres,” said managing director, Michael Münch. The mould release agents and bladder coatings developed by Münch are easy to use and make it possible to achieve very high quantities for each application during the demoulding process. Mould release agents and inside tyre lubes that are suitable for the production of all tyre types are characterised by excellent release and lubricant properties (demouldability) as well as a good level of temperature resistance.

Entrapped air and cracks are prevented. Residues and build-ups in the tyre mould as well as scrap rates are significantly reduced. Prolonging the mould operating life results in considerable cost and time savings. In order to meet the individual requirements of tyre manufacturers, various surface variations are available for Münch Chemie inside lubes (beige, black or transparent) and cosmetic tyre paints (matt or shiny surface). Tyre tread-marking paints are also available in a variety of colours.

Innovative high-performance release agent MK-529/11

As one of the leading manufacturers of release agents and auxiliary materials for the tyre industry worldwide, Münch Chemie is continually developing innovative solutions that meet customers’ specific requirements. An example: In order to meet market expectations, Münch Chemie has developed the high-performance release agent MK-529/11 that is ready-to-use and water-based. The product contains polymers that create an especially smooth and homogenous film surface, thereby considerably reducing the friction between the elastomer and the release agent. Nevertheless, the strong chemical bond to almost all mould materials is not impaired, allowing for a very long frequency for each release agent application (semi-permanent release agent). Release agent MK-529/11 is temperature-stable up to 300°C and does not transfer onto the finished parts. The build-up on the moulds due to deposits such as pigments, antioxidants, resin residues, etc. is significantly reduced. MK-529/11 is characterised by excellent lubricating and flow properties of the compound and an over-average mould service life, thereby being optimal for spring the bridging and blocking of vents is prevented effectively

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