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Altracon: Machines and More

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What makes Altracon, the Germany-based providers of equipment for tyre testing and tyre quality enhancement, different from others is in the way the company sees its role in the market. That goes beyond merely manufacturing machines for tyre makers. Altracon combines technology innovation with creative ideas and management consultancy to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations and overcome the typical barriers between these business areas.

Take, for example, the retrofit service it offers. Altracon retrofits are independent from the make of the machine. “While various suppliers have disappeared from the market or don’t offer any longer service, it is very well accepted that Altracon is taking over to care about these machines to keep them alive,” Ralf Berres, CEO and Director R&D, told Tyre Asia. Also, the Altracon concept is the open market spare parts supply for years of operation.  “During the conversion process we take the specific local situation of technology and spare parts into account. The hitherto costly OEM dependence regarding supply of service and spare parts delivery will be reduced to a minimum by the use of local availability and market standards.”

A major part of Altracon’s operation is R&D.  More than 10 per cent of the turnover is yearly spent for R&D purposes to stay ahead of competition. Here also the company stands apart from others. Its R&D operations do not limit itself to responding what the tyre companies ask for. The system is more proactive. Altracon works on combining innovation and creative ideas. It develops new ideas for testing solutions and presents them to customers. This opens the way to jointly developing customised solutions, which can make huge difference to quality enhancement and cost-effectiveness.

Altracon operates with low vertical integration to keep flexibility when the order volume is varying. Machining of parts which are designed by Altracon is done by highly qualified suppliers mainly in the region, but is also supplied from all over Europe. The machines are “Made in Germany.”

The in-house machine workshop is used for R&D purposes, for the manufacturing of smaller parts and prototypes as well as for services to realise a short reaction time. The machines are assembled and set into operation in house, which is important to keep the know-how under control and ensure the quality of the entire system.


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