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Bridgestone in road safety campaign

Bridgestone in road safety campaign

Bridgestone stepped up its road safety campaign through a nifty infographic: Stay Safe On The Roads This Year. It dives into some of issues that drivers are often not aware of and provides quick tips to drivers on how to ensure that their tyres remain in good condition that are safe for the roads.

According to the World Health Organization, the populace of the Asia Pacific region with its multitude of low and middle-income countries are especially vulnerable to accidents on the road, with total number of road traffic deaths worldwide and injuries expected to rise to 65% in 2020. This is especially evident in countries such as Thailand and Singapore due to increasing affluence, that leads to higher accessibility of motor vehicles and road users that it brings.

Thus, it is extremely important that tyre conditions remain at optimal levels while on the road. The Bridgestone infographic focuses on this issue and provides tips on safe driving.

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