Nynas AB launches new process oil for rubber and tyre industry

Nynas AB launches  new process oil for  rubber and tyre industry


Nynas AB introduced a new process oil, Nytex 842 , which will customers tackle challenges such as rolling resistance, fuel economy and reliable supply.

The all-new rubber process oil Nytex 842 provides all of the advantages of pure naphthenic oils, such as high compatibility with polar and non-polar rubber, good processability and excellent low-temperature properties, added the compamy.

Furthermore, its low colour allows for the formulation of innovative coloured products.   Dr. Herbert Fruhmann, Global Marketing Manager for Tyre Oils, explains: “Nytex 842 has been developed to support the challenge facing the tyre industry to meet the ever-growing demand to improve fuel economy whilst not compromising on road safety or wear.”

Nytex 842 is produced using future-proof, state-of-the-art hydrotreating technology, and the polarity was defined to ensure that the product is compatible with a wide range of polymers, including natural rubber, (functionalised, solution- and emulsion-) SBR, polybutadiene rubber and halobutyl rubber, as well as EPDM.

The new product comes with a high viscosity in the Bright stock range, a low glass transition temperature and a high flashpoint for safe process operation, which makes it very attractive for high-temperature curing operations in EPDM applications.

“The product’s glass transition temperature (Tg) is -55°C. We believe that Nytex 842 can significantly reduce the rolling resistance of tyres and also improve traction at low temperatures,” notes Dr. Markus Hoffmann, Global Technical Manager for Tyre and Rubber Applications. Nytex 842 is designed to meet all present and foreseeable health, safety and environmental demands on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) as set by legislative bodies around the globe for tyre and for general rubber goods, making it a sustainable and safe choice for the tyre and rubber industry.  Nytex 842 will be available from Nynas global depot network, serving the needs of a globally active industry.

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