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Marangoni : Huge, Fast and More

Marangoni : Huge, Fast and More

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Founded in the 1960s as a hub of technology and manufacturer of machinery for the Marangoni Group, whose core business was the tyre retreading, Marangoni Meccanica for a long time focused on the retreading world. But its horizon soon expanded in the world market, in every continent, exporting machinery with high technology and know-how contents, over the course of half a century of business

Proving its ability to handle every challenging scenario, Marangoni Meccanica has grown to become the perfect partner for tyre producers who aim dynamic growth in the market with top-quality products and up-to-date equipment.

Today, Marangoni Meccanica is the world leader in the field of machinery for building large and very large radial tyres. This success, built over decades of development history, is also the outcome of expanding manufacturing bases, a major step forward which the company made in the early years of the new millennium. It developed new manufacturing plants, built since 2006.

A daring, all-in technological and manufacturing bet that has seen the company invest in its assets and reputation, which it has managed to generate in previous decades, leading it to establish important partnerships with the major players in the world of tyres. It is also the culmination of the ongoing development of its technologies and ideas, made possible by a perfect synergy between expertise and the renown ability to innovate.


Globally Oriented

Founded in the 1960s as a hub of technology and manufacturer of machinery for the Marangoni Group, whose core business was the tyre retreading, Marangoni Meccanica for a long time shared in the vicissitudes of the retreading world. But its horizon soon expanded in the world market, in every continent, exporting machinery with high technology and know-how contents, over the course of half a century of business. The need to develop ideas, solutions and technologies became part of the company’s DNA. It soon moved beyond them, pushing a step ahead, the minute these strategies became common among competitors. This led to the production of highly advanced machinery that changed the history of tyre manufacturing.

In the early years 2000s, Marangoni Meccanica made a crucial decision, which is set to change the course of its history – the transition from retreads to new tyre assembly machineries.

This breakthrough had already been developed in the previous decades, which is made possible by certain key technologies, besides trust-based relationships with the big players of the tire manufacturing world.

Edoardo Salaorni, Commercial Director of the Company since 1980, recalls that moment: “The work involved to adapt our production to new tyres was challenging, but it was absolutely vital for us. It was more than clear that the market for retreading machinery was not sufficient to satisfy our ambitions. The choice to do always something modern and innovative is the key to our success.”

Thinking Big

Over the past ten years, Marangoni Meccanica has revolutionised the approach to the construction of large OTR tyres, creating unique machineries, perfectly calibrated to the needs of selected customers, protected by several patents. When nowadays, while admiring the enormous and complex tyre assembly machinery basket manufactured by Marangoni Meccanica, it is hard to image that their design was very much in the pipeline just 15 years ago.

Marangoni Meccanica is the absolute winner of this challenge. “What made it possible? Of course the implementation of highly innovative and advanced technologies with the development of several patents (the Alpha system is one of them). Additionally a key determining role has been played by the human resources we were able to get on board, such as the highly qualified R&D and Engineering Director, Viscardo Baldoni, with an unrivalled, great experience in the tire industry. In conjunction with the above the opportunity to have procured strategic contracts with highly demanding customers paved the way for our important and consistent entry in the qualified market of Tire Assembly Machinery which made us think in the long term.

”But the most relevant factor in the success of our transition to new tyre-manufacturing machines were possibly the network of contacts we could count on, in the industry. We were known also for our professional approach to business, so we found an open door when we proposed to enter the business of New Tire Assembly Machinery, because everyone knew who we are.

“Our consolidated approach with customers was also essential. If on one hand, it’s true that you are bound to make mistakes at some point, when running a business, it is equally true that we never engaged ourselves in any venture we weren’t able to solve, granting first the customers’ full satisfaction. Our philosophy has always been to offer non-stop assistance to customers. And it is a point highly contributing to a winning philosophy.

“Today our future has just begun. We continue to receive new orders, including greenfield projects, which give us access to different tire production realities and technologies.

“The competition, no doubt, is picking up, but we can still say (and our Customers can confirm!) that we don’t really have true competitors that can match our supply quality and level”.

Engineer Edoardo Salaorni, Sales Director, has been part of Marangoni Meccanica for 35 years. He played a key role, therefore, in all the important changes that have distinguished the Company’s history.

“The propensity for innovation and the will never to settle ourselves in a comfortable niche have been essential factors of our success. I came here in 1980, when the Company was already geared to international markets. But today, Marangoni Meccanica plays a much more important role in its industry, than it did when I arrived. One important factor was also relocating to our new headquarters, in 2006: it helped us organise business more efficiently and have more space for production”.

System Integration Division

The highly demanding and developing customers’ needs push Marangoni to quickly move in the field of continuous innovation, a step ahead the minute the innovation becomes common among competitors.

This led to the design and production of highly advanced machinery that have changed, and will keep on changing, the history of tyre manufacturing. The needs of these kind of projects are huge, even in terms of electronics and software development. In the year 2012 the increasingly crucial role of software in machinery development leads to the creation of the System Integration Division of Marangoni. This team, made of highly specialised engineers, can now independently handle machinery controls design, and can work in parallel in other different projects for having a direct, more comprehensive view on a variety of controls solutions.

Self-sufficient in developing wiring diagrams and software, the System Integration Division supports the customers since the time of conceiving, budgeting and finalising their projects, often visiting them at their premises for touching by hands their needs, and providing a specialised assistance and support for the procurement of sophisticated components relevant to the controls field, supervising the implementation of the controls and hardware in the machinery production, and granting a continuous after-sales service to customers, by long distance service and/or by presence at site.

These engineers are also the ones who commission by norm the machineries at customers’ sites, being deeply involved in the customers’ production processes. Important is also the cooperation with the University of Meccatronica in Rovereto (a branch of engineering which combines the classic disciplines of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical / electronics and computer science). One of the most successful development of the team, constantly being updated and adapted to the different customers’ needs, is a powerful software for strip winding application, which allows a real simulation of the lamination, the possibility to evaluate the position of every single strip inside the laminated profile, the possibility to take measures in the graph to evaluate the quality of the simulation and a highly precise comparison between ideal and simulation profile as well.

The availability inside Marangoni Meccanica of its own System Integration Department enables a comprehensive ownership of the machineries modern technologies.

The Precursors

The machinery for the production of very large tyres are not entirely new for Marangoni Meccanica. If their design and construction represent, in the industry of new tyres, the past decade, however, the company can spot important precursors in the field of tire retreading. An example is the Mammuth from the 1980s which was used for retreading tires up to 57″ at that time, and now up to 63”.

The initial effort of developing large radial farm tyre building machinery, produced in large quantities, especially for the Indian market, has been key to the implementation of more engaging machinery, having played a role somehow of a prep lab.

It is with these machines that Marangoni Meccanica starts to “think big.”

Retreading Continues

With the new millennium, Marangoni Meccanica has ventured into the market of new tyres. But the experience acquired in decades of manufacturing retreading machinery has not been left behind, and has been incorporated in a new division, TRM (Tyre Retreading Machinery). Here too, Marangoni Meccanica can boast a production that represents the state of the art in the industry. Examples include the large OTR retreading presses (bottom photo), or the ”Black Dragon” (below) dedicated to the retreading of truck tyres. The two versions of the Black Dragon effectively respond to the needs of all types of customers, from small-sized retreaders to large truck tyre retreading plants.

”There still is much room to innovate in the tire building world, and Marangoni Meccanica has all the necessary preparation to be a key player in this evolution, availing of the best collaborators, interfacing with research institutes, talking in depth with its customers.”

Continuing to pursue new development, the company’s range of skill and opportunity has greatly expanded. And it is reasonable to believe that the projects that lie ahead promise to grow in number more than those completed so far.

There still is much room to innovate in the tyre building world, and Marangoni Meccanica has all the necessary resources to be a key player in this evolution.

Among the company’s last achievements:

1. The realisation of improved first stage tyre assembly unit for farm radial tyres with special turn up and turn-down means.

2. Execution of the 2nd stage machine in modular configuration enabling the output growth in the time according to the tire production needs.

3. Last-generation special drum for 1st stage tire assembly of large radial tyres: capability to expand radially and axially to recipe, reducing in a sensible manner the operator dedicated time and consequently the cycle times.

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