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BDE: Customer-Focused Services

BDE: Customer-Focused Services

Five years ago, tyre industry was introduced to a brand new operator and a new way of thinking as Black Donuts Engineering was established in Finland in January 2011. A group of experienced tyre professionals made a major leap and started the company together; in order to answer the growing quality demands set to tyre manufacturers and to bring tyre business new kinds of efficiency. As an independent company, Black Donuts Engineering (BDE) was – and still is – not tied to any big tyre brand or machinery provider but free to choose the best techniques and partners for their operations. This made it more flexible and agile than many other service providers.

At Tire Technology Expo in the following year, thousands of visitors noticed a fresh-looking lime green booth and stopped by to ask about the funny name on the wall: Black Donuts? Not many of them had heard of the newcomer of the massive tyre technology trade fair. Today, Black Donuts and the story behind the name are widely known all over the world: in Europe, Asia, America, and parts of Africa. The five-year-old has fully established its position in the market. The story itself has not changed much though: new chapters have been written but the original red line remains the same: deep customer orientation.

CEO Kai Hauvala commented on the company’s most important achievements over the years: “We have brought our customers new kinds of efficiency through questioning existing practices and helping to look at old processes from a new perspective.

Does enhancing efficiency simply mean more automation? Hauvala says: “Automation is a good servant but a lousy master. It obviously has important benefits but plain automation has never been our key trump card or fit-for-all solution. Fundamentally, it is our knowledge of the entire industry that captures real customer value: we master materials, machinery, products, and processes alike. This is highly essential for customers who want our support in increasing their total profitability.”

About those tyre manufacturers who only want to fine-tune some individual processes, he said: “Our respect for customer wishes is reflected everywhere. Whether the customer aims at rationalising its entire production or enhancing some individual processes, it gets the full support of our highly motivated and customer-focused team. Our own R&D focuses on the latest technology and the hottest innovations, but the customer always gets to choose the solution that is most suitable for their particular needs and target markets.”

On the most important thing for Black Donuts in the future, Hauvala said: “Our customers. We are passionate about creating future trends and constantly developing both products and processes, but we could never do that alone, without our customers. In order to stay in the frontline, you have to work hands-on. We stand alongside our customers and assume joint responsibility for them. Everything we do aims at long-term customer relationships and maximising our customer’s success and happiness.”

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