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Wide base provides wide benefits

 At a time when trucking companies and long haulage operators are trying to reduce maintenance costs,  researchers say that use of wide base tyres instead of conventional dual-tyre assemblies would bring great benefits to fleet owners.Imad-Al-Qadi-02-cropped

This has been borne out by in-depth research and field studies conducted by engineers under Prof Dr Imad Al-Qadi, founder Professor of Engineering and Director of the Advanced Transportation Research and Engineering Laboratory (ATREL) and the Illinois Center for Transportation at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Drawing attention to the recent research and   in-depth review of these and other benefits given in his recent study New Generation of Wide-Base Tires Impact on Trucking Operations, Environment, and Pavements, he told Polymers & Tyre Asia that the use of wide-base tyres will increase exponentially and that a plan will be set in place for the trucking industry to adopt the use wide-base tyres. “This requires a discussion between the trucking industry, tyre manufacturers, and roadway owners,” he stressed.

Since the new generation of wide-base tyres was introduced in 2000, researchers from a variety of disciplines have evaluated the impact of these tyres on trucking operations, road infrastructure, and the environment. However, no clear-cut evidence has been provided regarding the net benefit of this technology.

His research team has been working on the impact of wide-base tyres on pavements for more than 15 years. Recently, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC) has led a study on wide-base tyres under the title The Impact of Wide Base Tires on Pavements: A National Study.

“In this project, a comprehensive approach was adopted for comparing new-generation wide-base tyres with the dual-tyre assemblies. Numerical modelling, prediction methods, experimental measurements, and environmental impact assessment were combined to provide recommendations about the use of new-generation wide-base tyres,” he explained.


PTA News Bureau


(Full text in PTA Dec-Jan issue)

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