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While in school, my teachers would often ask a common question to check our intelligence and grasp over general knowledge. One was: What are the Seven Wonders of the World?JOHNPOWATH-02

I used to stumble, but over a period time I could reel out the names as fast as the questions came. It prompted me to read history, general books and newspapers. I realised that to be knowledgeable is a quality of all successful people.

But when I got exposed to the outside world as a globe-trotting businessman, I learned to observe several human traits that should become guideposts in our life. There are seven wonderful points of realisation in life that could shape our conduct and influence our personal and professional growth.

As we grow up, there are many personal factors that determine our success or failure, whatever area that we are involved in. There are seven wonders that make an impactful influence on our life. They guide us our life.

The first and foremost among the seven key influences shaping up our future is certainly our mother. She is the first person to welcome us to this world. She is the most influential institution in our life. We learn love, compassion and love from her. We learn the first steps in our life from her.

An expert who studied successful CEOs to find out how they have become great corporate leaders attributed their rise in life to their mothers. A scrutiny of speeches made by successful people from a management perspective and featured in the Management section of Polymers & Tyre Asia mentioned how grateful most successful people were towards their mothers.

By John Powath

(Full text in PTA Dec-Jan issue)

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