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Bainite: Most advanced automation

Over the past years, Bainite has emerged from a normal machinery builder to a project co-ordinator to execute complete project line for mixing, calendering and extrusion. The Mumbai-based company has graduated from semi automatic line to fully automated lines. “The vision for future is to improve upon the automation system to improve quality consistency and precision output of the product. Over and above, improving upon the quality and make the machinery more user friendly by creating highly modern features in to the system,” DN Suvarna, Managing Director, told Polymers & Tyre Asia

“The focus is on improving productivity and quality. Bainite has also focusing on developing new product lines as well as peripheral machineries to the main machines. Over and above, the stress will be to make these machineries durable and understand the change in the media as the technology improves, the composition of the media and changes the material of construction of the machinery system need to change to give the machinery system consistent, precise and high productive performance,” he said.

Suvarna says the agenda to achieve these goals “is by improving the infrastructure of the in-house design centre and research centre, inducting specialists in the design field and developing indigenously with the help of modern software and hardwares. To achieve the end product in production, we installed modern state of the art CNC machines which would produce product components with better finish, better accuracy and at a lower production time.

“At the same time it is necessary to have a close association with automation partners like Siemens, ABB etc to roll out hardware and software which would impart better automation features in to the system and the same time relying heavily on the better quality of the sensors which form an important component of the automation system and make the machinery system safe to the operators.”

The global machinery market is fiercely competitive. Bainite has evolved carefully focused strategies to enlarge its market share and sustain growth.


PTA News Bureau


(Full text in PTA Dec-Jan issue)

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