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Michelin’s emergency tyre sealant launched


Michelin’s emergency tire repair product, Michelin Tire Sealant, has hit the market. It is part of the company’s car care range, repairs and re-inflates the tyre to safe pressure for motorists to continue their journey until the tyre is checked by an expert. According to Michelin, the sealant is suitable for all car tyre sizes up to 245/55R17.

The sealant enables the motorist to repair the puncture effectively and allows them to be on their way quicker and more safely than changing the wheel in a hazardous location such as on a motorway, said Michelin. The sealant leaves a sticky residue inside the tire which can be washed off with warm water.

“Motorists simply apply the sealant through the valve, confident that the tire will inflate to a safe level, even if the puncture has been driven on for a considerable distance,” Simon Bates, Marketing and Communications Manager for Michelin Lifestyle Europe.

Michelin conducted internal tests on the product, which involved a nail (4 mm diameter, 50 mm long) puncturing a 205/55R16 tire that was then run for 60 miles, 120 miles and 240 miles. At each of these points the nail was removed, and the tire sealant was applied.

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