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Kordsa Global ranked 1st in innovation strategy by TIM

Kordsa Global has been ranked as the 1st in the Innovation Strategy category at the 4th  edition ceremony held on 5th  December by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM)as part of the Turkey Innovation Week to support innovative activities. The award was given in the presence  of the President RecepTayyipErdoğan and Minister of Finance Mustafa Elitaş.

Kordsa CEO and TurkishRepublic President

Cenk Alper, the CEO of Kordsa Global which is the leading manufacturer of tyre cord fabric and worldwide leader of the tyre textile reinforcement market, received the prize from President RecepTayyipErdoğan and Erdoğan celebrated Kordsa Global’s success.

This is the third time in 2015 that Kordsa Global has been honoured with a prize in the fields of innovation and R&D.

GülerSabancı, the Chairman of the Sabancı Holding, referencing Kordsa Global’s achievements at innovation and R&D, thanked to Kordsa saying that “Our company Kordsa Global has always been a pioneer in its field. Companies with R&D and innovation DNA and long-term innovation strategy will ensure the sustainable success. To demonstrate global competitiveness and to have a voice in the global economy, Turkey has to penetrate the innovation culture to its DNA and continued: “My congratulations to TIM for this successful and incentive organization and my congratulations also to all Kordsa Global employees for this award.”

Sabancı Holding Industry Group President Mehmet Pekarun, expressed his greetings and appreciation to Kordsa Global: “Our vision as Sabancı Community is to provide permanent superiorities by creating differences. Kordsa, with its passion to expand in new fields and business models as well as its ongoing businesses, has been a leader and an example in the corporate entrepreneurship. I congratulate Kordsa Global,an innovation pioneer both in Turkey and in the world and our beloved employees with all my heart.”

CEO of Kordsa Global, Cenk Alper, conveyed his opinions about the award:

“We are proud to be chosen number one in Innovation Strategy category of TIM Improve Inovalig with our innovative inventions and R&D practices. As a Turkish company, we are exporting technology to the world. Therefore we consider Improve Inovalig Award, as a reward for this achievement. To sustain its leadership, Kordsa Global R&D Center collaborates since 2008 with leading universities in their fields both in Turkey and abroad. Now, we discuss technology licensing within the framework of “open innovation”. Our perception of excellence which started with product and process innovations, has gone beyond our company, providing an open platform enabling collaborations with other companies. Our competitors demand to use our technology. Just like in R&D, we aim to leave our mark on not only on Turkey but also on the global market in “open innovation”. We are thankful to the Turkey Exporters Assembly who deems us worthy of this valuable prize. We aim to convert the R&D generated inventions into innovative products –which we consider as a continuous business- and present it to the World.

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