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Research focus on sustainable alternatives

 Each segment of the tyre market has its technological challenges, from motorcycle tyres to the large off-road and mining tyres. These challenges are all focused on providing the customer a better performing product at an affordable cost.

Being responsible citizens of the Earth, tyre manufacturers are following beneficial environmental practices in materials selection, design, manufacturing, and post-life recycling. The tyre industry has been doing and will continue to do as a vital practice, said President of the Ohio-based The Tire Society Saied Taheri, who is also an Associate Professor and Director of the Virginia-based Center for Tire Research (CenTiRe) and CenTiRe’s Managing Director Ronald Kennedy.

In an interview they said for passenger car tyres, the major technological challenge is meeting the much lower tyre rolling resistance needed for the auto makers to reach the fuel economy mandates while maintaining, or improving, the other performance requirements of the tyre.

Safety cannot be compromised, so performances such as durability, braking, traction, and handling are necessities that must be maintained or improved. Noise, vibration, ride harshness, and tread wear are lower on the needs-scale, but are important during tyre and vehicle tuning to give the vehicle its signature selling points as well as improving the scores shown on the tyre label. This is not limited to just automobiles, but also to trucks and buses.

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Full text in PTA October/November issue

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