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BD Testing: Extensive testing for tyres

Careful testing is an essential part of new tyre development process. Benchmark tests indicate tyre performance compared to other brands, while development tests show the differences in performance between prototype versions. For tyre designers, test results are natural every-day tools that confirm that the new product meets its desired target level in performance.

While some manufacturers see testing as core business and make great investments in own testing departments and facilities, others believe in objectivity and insist to keep testing functions outside the company walls. There are pros and cons for both strategies. An own testing department may mean more flexibility and customisation in the testing procedures but at the same time, as a business unit of a larger enterprise, testing departments may end up in making more and bigger compromises for the benefit of total business.

Choosing a specialised testing partner guarantees that the manufacturer has always the capacity, cutting-edge know-how, facilities, technology and equipment in use for this crucial phase. There are various testing companies on the market, some offering very narrow ranges of services, others concentrating onto filling every need of a testing customer.

One such testing company with a wide range of services is BD Testing Inc. Based in Finland, it is an exclusive testing house offering both tyre development testing, and testing for type approvals. The company’s network of partner-run facilities and proving grounds covers all Europe, from north to south.

BD service range for tyre development extends from objective tests like braking and acceleration tests, aquaplaning and noise measurements, to subjective handling tests, Managing Director Ismo Halén says.

Full text in October/November issue

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